UGC Odéon movie theater

Published by Charlene S. · Photos by Laura B. · Published on 27 February 2020 at 13h05
UGC Odéon is one of the four UGC movie theaters set in Paris 6th arrondissement.

Playing 6 movies, UGC Odéon – set in Paris 6th arrondissement – provides domestically released movies every week, sometimes played over 15 weeks after their release. Inside, 5 rooms are available where you can see and see again movies you haven’t had yet the time to see.

Playing in original version or with subtitles, you also have movies tagged with the UGC labels such as the label UGC M or UGC culte, a label enabling you to see movies appreciated the most by viewers. By the way, the UGC Culte label allows you to watch on Thursday evenings the movies that made the history of movies. So, for instance, enjoy Grand Torino by Clint Eastwood or Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola. And for now 10 years, the UGC group throws the Viva l'Opéra operation consisting in discover lyrical works and ballets on the big screen.

All this set in the Latin Quarter, one of the most iconic areas in Paris and genuine temple of indie movies. In the same area, enjoy historic art houses such as the Filmothèque du Quartier Latin or the Saint André des Arts. A few meters further also lays Paris oldest bar, the Procope, so do the Théâtre de l’Odéon and the Musée National du Moyen-Âge de Cluny.

Movies to be displayed in UGC Odéon:
La très très grande classe
One Piece Film - Red
Bullet Train
As bestas
Là où chantent les écrevisses

Practical information


124 boulevard Saint Germain
75006 Paris 6


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