The Grand Rex: Europe’s biggest movie theater

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Published by Julie M., Charlene S. · Photos by Charlene S. · Published on 15 September 2021 at 10h01
Its starry vault, its atypical façade, its size… You have plenty of reasons to go to the Grand Rex! And this is also Europe’s biggest movie theater as the main room features 2,702 seats.

It is nicknamed the King of movie theaters! Welcome to the Grand Rex, Europe’s biggest movie theater! And when you have a peek inside, you get it. The building features 7 rooms and the main room features over 2,700 seats on three floors. Its art-déco façade, its starry vault making you feel like you are outside, and its baroque inspiration make of this venue a place exceeding the average movie theater. This unique decoration inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean is owed to designed Jacque Haïk, a Tunisian-French producer who created the Grand Rex in 1932. Since then, the Grand Rex has not lost its iconic status in town. No matter why you go, the experience is worth it in this atypical movie theater listed as historic monument.

Le Grand Rex : le plus grand cinéma d'EuropeLe Grand Rex : le plus grand cinéma d'EuropeLe Grand Rex : le plus grand cinéma d'EuropeLe Grand Rex : le plus grand cinéma d'Europe

In addition to movies screened in the main room, the Grand Rex is also house to many premieres, shows and concerts by incredible stars including Madonna who recently performed a show. Premieres also have their share of celebrities, from Hitchcock to Steven Spielberg to Monica Bellucci. And do not miss the Grand Rex’s show: the Féerie des Eaux created in 1954. It is performed every year from mid-November to early January and features about 1,200 water jets up to 10 to 15 meters tall. And just beside the theater, make the most of the Rex Studio providing guided tours taking you behind the scenes of a movie production!

The theater is well surrounded since just 170 meters from there stands the Musée du Chocolat, and 450 meters away stands Grévin Paris, famous for wax statues of celebrities. And almost just across the Grand Rex you have the Comedy Club, a one-man show venue for young talents, and within a 4-minute walk, there is the Mamacita restaurant.

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