Le Lab du Bonheur, the CBD coffee shop in Paris, wellness style

Le Lab du Bonheur is the new coffee shop that has just opened in Paris 11th arrondissement. Here, we discover CBD cannabis (without THC) available in different forms and related to wellness.

In a quiet street in Paris, near the Place de la République, we find Le Lab du Bonheur. Good riddance to bangs and other pipes, here, we discover cannabis with a new eye. A sober and trendy décor that is clean and boho, the place looks like a modern herbalist’s store. We’re far from Amsterdam coffee shops and yet you’ve come to the right place!

Le Lab du bonheur à Paris, un Coffee Shop CBD bien-être

Here’s how a coffee shop Paris way looks like. At Le Lab du Bonheur, we find everything to lawfully relax. THC-free cannabis is available in head obviously. Six varieties are available on sale, the price being proportional to the CBD (Cannabidiol) rate. Prices start at €13 for one gram for the Silver Original and the Silver Evolutive. Then, you have the Cheese, the White fire and the Black Cherry for €16 per gram. Finally, the Ringo Gift for €18 the gram and which small is almost inseparable from the usual cannabis smell. And of course, the plant still has a THC rate below 0.2%, the limit allowed by this legal uncertainty.

Le Lab du bonheur à Paris, un Coffee Shop CBD bien-être

The brain behind the curtain, Pierre, used to work in the finance before devoted himself to this adventure. An about turn! Concerned to only offer quality products, he doesn’t do in the abundance. Like in a good restaurant, he thoroughly selects his sources, by making the decision to sale only organic cannabis, for example. He takes the time to test samples to make sure that the authorized limit is respected and that his products are of quality.

Le Lab du bonheur à Paris, un Coffee Shop CBD bien-être  

This explains why he’s always listening to his customers. Speaking of them, they are very varied. Curious people, connoisseurs, amateurs, Le Lab du Bonheur is far from the usual clichés. For his part, Pierre makes every effort to be extremely honest with his customers. He guides them with a surprising transparency. A friendly atmosphere respecting one another rules the place.

Le Lab du bonheur à Paris

By the way, you have to know that here, cannabis isn’t only sold in the shape of herb. To adapt to a clientele that doesn’t smoke, Le Lab du Bonheur offers other ways of consumption. It can be a cannabis tea that is very appreciated, a food oil or, even more surprising, a toothpaste. All in all, a whole range that enables customers to feel the effects of legal cannabis without having to smoke it.

Le Lab du bonheur à Paris, un Coffee Shop CBD bien-être

Speaking of effects, what are they? While THC is a psychotropic said to slow one’s reaction time and to be responsible of the cannabis adverse effects such as paranoia, shutting oneself away, demotivation and even bad trip, cannabidiol is said to reduce stress, to be more relaxed as well as to provide a better quality of sleep without suffering the consequences of THC.

Le Lab du bonheur à Paris, un Coffee Shop CBD bien-être

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 22 June 2018

Practical information


47 Rue de Malte
75011 Paris 11

Métro Oberkampf (lignes 5 et 9) et République (lignes 3, 5, 8, 9 et 11)

Official website

More information
Du lundi au samedi
De 10h à 19h30

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