Le Grand Contrôle, a hotel within the Estate of the Palace of Versailles opens

Published by Manon C. · Published on 31 May 2021 at 11h04
A charming and prestigious hotel, a French gourmet restaurant by Alain Ducasse. These are the lovely ideas behind the rehabilitation project of the Hotel du Grand Contrôle set within the Estate of the Palace of Versailles. Good news for curious people, this five-star luxury hotel opens from June 1, 2021!

In Versailles, there’s the Palace of Versailles of course, but in terms of rather nice-looking buildings, we also have Hôtel du Grand Contrôle that makes it to the top of the list! Hotel du Grand Contrôle was built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart in 1680 for the Duc de Beauvilliers before being used for the finance general controller of the war department and become the officers’ canteen until 2006. From this date, Hotel du Grand Contrôle was left behind.

But not for too long! In 2021, Hotel du Grand Contrôle (well, the buildings of Grand Contrôle, Petit Contrôle and the Pavillon des Permères Cents Marches) is becoming a charming and luxury hotel enjoying 14 rooms and suites thanks to the LOV Hotel Collection/Alain Ducasse group, and opens from June 1, 2021!

Listed as Historic Monument, Hotel du Grand Contrôle has enjoyed preservation and renovation works before anything else and has then be refitted for its upcoming hospitality use. The place’s decoration is said to be classic and sophisticated and inspired by the 18th century.

So, a night in Versailles in a luxury hotel with views on the Orangery of the Palace of Versailles and the Pèce d’eau des Suisses, how does it sound? Especially since the offer is even more tempting that you can imagine with the creation of a highly gourmet French restaurant managed by Alain Ducasse!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 1 June 2021



    12 Rue de l'Indépendance Américaine
    78000 Versailles

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