Coronavirus: update on the situation in the world, 312 deaths in the U.S., and 733 in Brazil in 24 hours

Published by My B., Julie M. · Published on 15 July 2020 at 02h10 · Updated on 15 July 2020 at 02h18
The whole world has been facing the unprecedented coronavirus health crisis for weeks. Discover updates on countries impacted by the coronavirus epidemic this Tuesday July 14, 2020. Over 13.1 million cases have been reported and over 573,000 people have died of Covid-19 worldwide. The new case toll has never been this high, and some countries are facing new waves as they thought their curbed the epidemic. The United States exceeds 3 million infections, and France 30,000 deaths.

In the world, as of Tuesday July 14, 2020Covid-19 infected 13,103,290 people. So far, 573,042 people have died worldwide. WHO alerts on the deterioration of the epidemic in the world. The new infection toll skyrockets in America. WHO urges to take control over the epidemic. Some countries are facing new and worrying waves even though they thought they curbed the epidemic. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonar has just tested positive for Covid-19. And Donald Trump reportedly wore a mask for the first time since the pandemic broke out.

  • In the United-States, the new case toll reaches 60,469 infections recorded in 24 hours. As of Tuesday July 14, the country reports 3,296,599 cases. According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, the country reports 312 deaths in 24h, taking it up to a total of 134,884 deaths according to CDC. Donald Trump claims the United-States will have a vaccine long before the year ends, but he has been seen wearing a mask for the first time since the pandemic broke out. The worst-hit states are California, Texas, and Florida, reporting on its own 15,300 new cases in one day on Sunday.

  • Brazil reports an always-deteriorating toll, and an-always high new infection toll with 20,286 in 24 hours. It reports this Tuesday July 14, 733 deaths in 24 hours. The country reports 1,884,967 cases in totaland 72,833 deaths. Yet, data could be widely underestimated. The toll might double by next month. This Tuesday July 7, 2020 after announcing the day before he was showing symptoms of the disease, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for coronavirus, but remains careless.

  • In France, according to the latest report from the health authorities as for the COVID-19 pandemic, about 172,337 cases have been reported and 30,029 people have died25 deaths in 24 hours have been reported (19,553 in hospitals and 10,446 in nursing homes – the toll will be updated on Wednesday July 15). There will be no update this weekend.

  • Italy repots this Monday July 13 a slightly increasing infection toll with 169 new infections in 24 hours especially in the north of the country, and 13 deaths in 24 hours (9 the day before). It now reaches 34,967 since the beginning of the epidemic. As of today, 243,230 cases have been confirmed so far.  Italy reopened its borders on June 3rd and cancelled mandatory quarantine to EU foreigners, but closes its doors to people coming from 13 countries said to be "at risk".

  • In the United Kingdom the toll remains very high. As of Monday July 13, the country reports 530 new cases in 24h with a total of 290,133 cases, and 11 deaths in 24h, leading to a total of 44,830 deaths. Starting from July 10, tourists from Germany, France, Spain, or Italy no longer have to self-isolate when entering the British country. Great Britain is about to sign a £500 million agreement with Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline to get 60 million doses of vaccine against Covid-19 delivered on which both laboratories are working together, the Sunday Times says.

  • Spain reports as of Monday July 13, 164 new cases in 24 hours, that is to say 253,953 cases in total. The country reports 3 deaths in 24 hours, leading to a total of 28,406 deaths. Spain reopened its borders on June 21, excluding border with Portugal reopening on July 1st. Lockdown in Catalonia has been cancelled by the Spanish justice.

  • Belgium changes its report. From now on, we will have to follow the evolution of trends and no longer daily data. “Yet, daily data are still available, but in a slightly altered version. They will be shared depending on the date they have been produced, and no longer depending on the date they have been reported to Sciensano” the government says. The evolution depends on the daily toll covering 7 days, that is compared with the previous week. So, we notice an increase in new infections compared with last week, with about 95.3 new cases instead of 85.6 taking it up to a total of 62,781 as of Tuesday July 14. The average daily death toll is decreasing, moving on from 4.6 these past seven days to 1.6. There have been 5 new deaths since the latest report, taking it to a total of 9,787.

  • The situation seems under control in China as the country reports 0 new Covid-19 infections in 24 hours. As of Tuesday July 14, China reports 83,605 cases and 4,634 deaths. China confined over 400,000 people in the Anxin area following the creation of a small cluster of over half a million people in the Hebein province. China imposes Air France airline only one flight to the country per week.

  • In Germany, the new case toll is increasing with 254 new infections in 24 hours. As of Tuesday July 14, the country reports 198,963 cases, along with 9,064 deaths (+2) according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Clubs and show venues in Berlin have been granted aids from the city around 81,000 euros. The Health minister warns about the risks of a second wave.

  • Portugal reports a growing number of new cases. As of Tuesday July 14, 46,818 cases and 1,662 deaths (+2) have been reported. Portugal faces a new wave with many new infections per day. Most cases have been reported in Lisbon and populations around. Some containment exit measures have been cancelled and Lisbon is on lockdown again, including 19 neighborhoods in the suburbs for two weeks. These restrictions are implemented at a bad time as the tourism season is only starting.

  • In Mexico, the epidemic keeps on spreading with 485 deaths reported in 24 hours, but it is said to be underestimated since over 50,000 people might have died of the disease. The country currently counts over 300,000 infections: 304,435 (+4,685 in 24h) and 35,491 deaths in total. Mexico has exceeded Spain and France in terms of fatality.
  • Iran reports 203 deaths in 24 hours taking it up to a total of 13,032 deaths and 257,303 cases reported (+2,349 in 24h). The official numbers show the virus is spreading faster since May. According to the People’s Mojahedeen Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), over 50,700 deaths are said to have been counted in the 327 cities and 31 provinces in Iran, that is to say, 6 times more than official data. 

  • Russia, as of Tuesday July 14, reports 6,537 new cases leading to a total of 733,699 cases and 11,439 deaths (+104). Moscow is the city the hardest-hit in terms of new infections.
  • South Korea, as of Tuesday July 14 reports 33 new infections. 13,512 cases in total, and 289 deaths (+0 in 24h) have been reported. Clusters are breaking out.
  • Peru starts exiting lockdown despite a very worrying situation, with 3,797 new cases today. As of Tuesday July 14, the country reports 330,123 contamination cases, 12,054 deaths (+184 in 24 h). It is one of the 6 countries the most hit in the world. To limit contagion risks as much as possible, facemasks and barrier gestures remain mandatory. Curfew is sustained every day from 10 p.m. As for borders, they remain closed at least until the end of health emergency on July 31. The country sets up mobile "Corona Movil" clinics to test people in isolated areas for free.

  • In India, the death toll keeps on growing. The country reports on Tuesday July 14, 906,752 cases (+28,498), and 23,727 deaths including 553 in 24 hours. Containment exit started as the epidemic was still highly active, with about 20,000 new cases per day. Experts think the epidemic will not peak before several weeks in India, where the healthcare system is already overwhelmed by the flow of people infected by the virus.
  • In Chile, the epidemic is increasing, and many new contaminations have been reported in 24 hours. The country includes 2,616 new cases in 24 hours, and reports 317,657 cases and 7,024 deaths (+45 in 24h). 
  • In Egypt, the number of infections increases. The country reports 83,001 cases (+931) and 3,935 deaths including 77 these past 24 hours. Egypt has reopened its borders on July 1.
  • Sweden reports a growing toll of cases, including 928 new infections since Saturday. t's one of the rare countries to have not gone into confinement but only set up guidelines. As of today, 75,826 cases and 5,536 deaths (+10 in 24 hours) have been reported. As they hope to curb the spread of coronavirus by keeping its herd immunity strategy, Sweden saw hopes crumble when a studied released this Thursday lowered the percentage of Swedish people (6.1% of the population) who developed antibodies able to neutralize Covid-19. 
  • In Japan as of Tuesday July 14, 21,868 cases have been reported in total (+411 in 24 hours), and 984 deaths (+0 in 24h). According to Japanese Mainichi daily, the Japanese capital has recorded 143 new Covid-19 infections in 24 hours. This is the 2nd day in a row the city reports less than 200 cases a day, after 6 days reporting over 100 daily cases. The situation seems to improve.
  • Morocco started exiting confinement gradually and by zone. Health emergency is extended to August 10. This Tuesday August 14, the country reports 191 new cases in 24 hours, a total of 15,936 cases. The country has also reported 255 deaths (+5 in 24 h). The epidemic seems under control with a fatality rate of 1.65% and a cure rate close to 70.75%. Domestic flights have resumed on June 25, but the tourism sector is still waiting for the borders to reopen. Only Moroccan people living abroad can enter the country.
  • Poland currently reports 38,190 contamination cases and 1,576 Covid-19 deaths (+5).
  • Romania is currently on alert. The country reports 32,948 cases (+423) and 1,901 deaths (+17) because of Covid-19.

  • Algeria keeps on exiting containment, cautiously, as more and more cases are reported along with more patients in ICU. In an interview with news website Tout Sur l’Algérie (TSA), Professor Mohammed Yazid Kadir, epidemiologist at the Batna university hospital, in eastern Algeria, alerted people on the risks of a new propagation of the disease in case of breaking protective measures. As of Tuesday July 14, 189,689 cases (+494) and 1,018 deaths (+7) because of the epidemic have been reported. The decision to reopen borders is postponed to the end of the epidemic.

  • The epidemic is spreading in AfricaSouth Africa is the cradle of the pandemic on the African continent where the toll of new cases skyrockets. This Tuesday July 14, the country reports 287,796 cases (+15,554) and 4,172 deaths (+93). South Africa bans the sale of alcohol to curb the spread of the virus through "toots".

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Coronavirus dans le monde, 711 morts aux Etats-Unis et 1.039 au Brésil, + 5772 cas au Pérou en 24hCoronavirus dans le monde, 711 morts aux Etats-Unis et 1.039 au Brésil, + 5772 cas au Pérou en 24hCoronavirus dans le monde, 711 morts aux Etats-Unis et 1.039 au Brésil, + 5772 cas au Pérou en 24hCoronavirus dans le monde, 711 morts aux Etats-Unis et 1.039 au Brésil, + 5772 cas au Pérou en 24h

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