Coronavirus: the deconfinement plan on a regional basis swept away by Macron

Published by Julie M., Charlene S. · Published on 23 April 2020 at 16h07 · Updated on 24 April 2020 at 16h07
The National Academy of Medecine recommended a deconfinement on a regional basis rather than by age group. The government – currently working on the implementation of gradual deconfinement said to start on May 11 – seemed until then willing to follow this path. But this Thursday April 23, 2020 Emmanuel Macron announced that deconfinement on a regional basis was put aside and local adjustments would be made to a national plan.

While France is in the middle of its 6th week of lockdown, the government is examining several deconfinement strategies to set it up once the time has come. For the record, gradual deconfinement is announced from May 11th, 2020. In the meantime, you must stay at home.

In the meantime, the National Academy of Medicine also studied the deconfinement issue. According to this institution, recommendations are clears: deconfinement on a regional basis rather than on an age group basis is to be favored. On its official website, the press release of the National Academy of Medicine says:

To carry out the containment in the best conditions for the management of serious cases in health establishments, limiting the spread of the virus, resumption of professional activities, and public understanding, the National Academy of Medicine recommends the following principles:

- That the release from confinement be decided on the basis of the Region and not by age group;

- That this release be authorized only in Regions where a net decrease in the number of Covid19 patients requiring hospitalization, and a return of resuscitation needs to the pre-epidemic state are observed

In addition to deconfinement by region, it also recommends set up stricter restrictions as for trips and the upholding of social distancing measures. That way, French cannot move to regions where confinement is lifted and the other way around. Moreover, the Academy of Medicine recommends “continued ban on gatherings (except in exceptional cases, (…), by the maintenance of health barrier measures (hand washing, hydro-alcoholic gel, etc.), but also by reinforcing them by making it compulsory to wear an anti-projection mask for the general public, even a home-made one, in the public space”.

The government seems to have taken into account, in the deconfinement plan, some of these recommendations. As a matter of fact, during the presentation of the first drafts during the council of ministers on Wednesday April 22, 2020, interregional trips have been said to be limited during deconfinement, that could allow to think about a lighter containment exit for regions where the virus is not highly active.

This Thursday April 23, 2020, Christophe Castaner said on BFMTV that “Some regions are better than other regarding covid, and the number of people getting into ICU” and we shall remember that “deconfinement will not be the freedom to go everywhere, all the time and be out of control”.

Secretary of the interior adds that anyway “we shall no longer move like we used to” and he appeals to “the intelligence of French to change their own behavior” because it’s obvious that if you come from an impacted region to see your family in a health region, there’s a risk to carry the virus into this region and contaminate your relatives.

Last but not least, this Thursday April 23, 2020 the Elysée said that at the end of a meeting between President Macron and French mayors to prepare phasing out, the government sweeps away the possibility too set different confinement exit date for regions, but that would not yet exclude to have adjustments on a local basis. “Deconfinement will not be by region, but on a national basis which modalities will be adjusted on a local basis”.

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