Deconfinement: Aéroports de Paris group thinks about safety measures to implement

Published by Manon C. · Published on 30 April 2020 at 15h49
In a memo checked by Le Point, Aéroports de Paris group unveils measures considered for a safe deconfinement.

As Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presented this Tuesday April 28 the government’s deconfinement plan to the National Assembly, Aéroports de Paris group is getting ready to exit containment and welcome travelers again.

A memo given to ADP president Augustin de Romanet and checked by Le Point, feeds on a comparative analysis carried out in 32 airports across the globe,  Air France’s reflection leads and suggestions from their subcontractors in order to come up with successful deconfinement and “recreate trust”.

Among the main measures considered on a short-term basis and revealed by Le Point:


  • Establishing an air trip certificate. It would be a signed statement not showing symptoms while waiting for a negative result to a covid-19 test.
  • Controlling temperature from a distance for some destinations.
  • Mandatory facemask wearing from the entrance of the terminal and possibility to get one in pharmacies or vending machines.
  • Setting up of Plexiglas slabs at each fix point where human interaction with a passenger exists.
  • Neutralizing one seat in two in waiting areas.
  • Calling small groups or private people in order to avoid crowds as boarding the plane by using a QR code on smartphones.
  • Closing common places non-essential to the airport’s life: places of worship, smoking areas, playgrounds, nurseries.


  • Systematic control of the temperature with thermal imaging camera, followed by a quicker test to make sure there is no doubts.
  • Setting up a declaration of residence form to guarantee traceability.

These two measures come under the French State. In case of positive test, the State will have to decided about putting the sick into quarantine or to drive them to the hospital.

For coworkers:

  • Temperature checked when checking in, private protection gear given (mask, face shield, gloves…).

Social distancing, when checking in and getting your luggage back will be just as important, like more cleaning and disinfection of the spaces, less equipment at the disposal of the public and improvement of the recycled air treatment systems.

Le Point also says in the memo that Aéroports de Paris thinks “air traffic will only resume if passengers enjoy a health habeas corpus, that is to say the guarantee they will not be randomly put on quarantine” when arriving at destination. A European and world coordination is recommended.

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