Coronavirus: Emmanuel Macron’s message to French this May 1st, 2020

Published by Julie M. · Published on 1 May 2020 at 12h46
French President Emmanuel Macron sends a message to French on his Twitter account as part of the French Labor Day to share this special day that “seems like no other”.

Emmanuel Macron sends a message to French to recall that celebrations on May 1st cannot happen as planned this year because of confinement, “May 1st’s spirit, this solidarity spirit between workers, has not been as powerful, as lively, because this is thanks to this work, celebrated on that day, that the Nation holds on”.

This May 1st seems like no other! Deprived of the rituals of that day, today, we feel all its value, all its meaning”.

This Labor Day is a genuine move of sharing and solidarity from French and is generally celebrated by an exchange of lily of the valley. Massive disappointment for florists this year who have been authorized to sell lily of the valley remotely but not opening the doors of their stores to welcome buyers. If you look for buying these lucky bells, you can find a list of places allowed to sell them.

But May 1st is also the French Labor Day commemorating the fights for the 8-hour day. This year, union trades invite to demonstrate from balconies and online as they cannot walk on the streets.

And if this bank holiday is a sign for resting and you look for something to do, even if confined, here’s a guide with plenty of nice ideas.

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