Coronavirus: rule of 6, public or private gatherings: what is banned?

Published by Manon C., Rizhlaine F. · Photos by Julie M. · Published on 14 October 2020 at 22h19 · Updated on 15 October 2020 at 11h58
In his address on October 14, 2020, Emmanuel Macron has mentioned the "rule of 6" to apply for private gatherings in order to curb the coronavirus epidemic. what is it about exactly?

As the coronavirus epidemic is resurging in France, some places in the country are facing an unparalleled increase in cases. This is the case in Paris and its inner suburbs put on maximum alert as well as several cities in France.

Even though private gatherings are not banned, in his address on October 14, 2020, Emmanuel Macron asked the French "to be maximum six per table" for private gatherings in order to halt the second wave of the virus. Like the rules in restaurants, "this rule of 6 maximum for your private life is to be respected" he said, recommending to "wear mask as much as possible including when with friends or family".

As for public gatherings, the rule is the same: no gatherings over 10 people on the public road. But what is the limit of the rule?

It is no longer allowed to improvise a party on the Seine riverbanks at nightfall. The ban of gatherings, playing loud music, selling and drinking alcohol on the public road from 10 p.m. aims at limiting this type of celebrations.

Yet, as for the implementation of the ban of gatherings of over 10 people on the public road, there are a few exceptions. Therefore, declared demonstrations are still allowed (unless otherwise said by the police prefecture) and the limitation does not apply to markets, shootings, queues, guided tours, tests and food distribution either, on the condition barrier gestures are maintained. The same applies to funerals.

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