March lockdown vs October lockdown: differences in Paris and France?

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Photos by My B. · Published on 3 November 2020 at 11h51
France is back into lockdown since Friday October 30, 2020 to stop the second coronavirus epidemic wave. Yet, this lockdown is slightly lighter than the previous one. In concrete words, what are the differences between the two lockdowns in France? Keep reading to find out more.

There we are: a second coronavirus epidemic wave is hitting France this Fall, and the entire country is back into lockdown. Yet, unlike the March lockdown, this Fall lockdown is slightly softer than the previous one. What are the differences between the first and the second lockdown? Here are differences in Paris and France.

In France:

  • Some schools can stay open

  • A new derogatory trip certificate is planned for pupils heading to school

  • Walking or driving your children to school is a new derogatory trip certificate motive

  • Some stores get an exemption and can open despite lockdown

  • The fine in case of breaking the lockdown has been revised

  • Parks and gardens remain open

  • Places of worship remain open

In Paris:

  • Parking remains charged


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Starts 30 October 2020

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