Coronavirus: the sale of non-necessary products allowed until Wednesday in supermarkets

Published by Laurent P., Caroline J. · Published on 2 November 2020 at 19h37 · Updated on 3 November 2020 at 18h16
Facing the growing anger of small merchants and in order to reinstate equity, Jean Castex announced several new measures this November 1 on TF1. The Prime Minister made the decision to ban the sale of “non-necessary” products in supermarket starting Tuesday November 3. But leeway until Wednesday November 4 is granted. Furthermore, an extra 20 billion euros will be unlocked to support stores currently closed over the new lockdown.

Since the new nationwide lockdown in France was announced, many stores said to be “non-necessary” have had to close. Yet, some stores and local councilors are flouting the ban to remain open as others urge the government to find a quick solution to reopen stores within 15 days.

Invited on BFMTV on November 1, Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire has said “it is urgent to reinstate equity between small businesses and supermarkets”. He says it could include “the revision of gauges in supermarkets and the closure of non-necessary sections in supermarkets”.

Invited for TF1’s 8 p.m. news broadcast, the chief of government Jean Castex announced selling “non-necessary” products in supermarkets will be banned starting Tuesday November 3.

I’ve decided to add in the decree ruling the new lockdown, a provision implemented starting Tuesday, banning the sale of non-necessary products in supermarkets” the Prime Minister said. Some supermarket sections will have to close starting Tuesday, by leeway will be granted for the sale of these products until Wednesday.

Furthermore, Jean Castex announced extra aids to support small stores that have to close over the nationwide lockdown. “We’ll vote 20 billion extra credits to help stores that are closingJean Castex announced.

Last but not least, the chief of the executive recalled the situation will be reassessed within two weeks. “If the health situation allows it, they can get out of this situation and reopen” he added.

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