Coronavirus: shall the new lockdown be made harder?

Published by Caroline J. · Photos by My B. · Published on 4 November 2020 at 17h36 · Updated on 5 November 2020 at 15h44
Shall a stricter new lockdown be implemented? This is what some specialists and elected representatives require as they also want stricter measures. This November 4, Emmanuel Macron gathered a new Defense Council. New restrictions are likely to be made in the next days.

Even though a new nationwide lockdown has been called this October 29 at midnight, some people are still dubious when they see how crowded some streets and commutes can be in several big cities.

This weekend, in the night between Saturday to Sunday, the police intervened in the backyard of a restaurant in Paris 17th arrondissement, where about a hundred people were gathered for a private and clandestine party. Yesterday, several high schools have been blocked in Paris in order to condemns “the lack of anti-coronavirus measures”. Last but not least, set as the “rule”, remote working has not been observed since the new lockdown started. The minister of labor also said the first sanctions will be applies starting next week to the defiant companies.

Therefore, is it necessary to make the lockdown harder? Shall the government be stricter and announce new restrictions? This is what have been thinking several doctors and elected representatives basing on the sad tolls shared by the health authorities, requiring new measures. Thus, on November 3, coronavirus killed 426 people at the hospital in 24 hours in France, as many as on April 20, 2020.

Interviewed by LCP this Tuesday, general secretary of the Communist Party Fabien Roussel required “a strict, tough, hard lockdown. […] There are still too many people working” he said, before adding: “My biggest preoccupation is that within 10 to 15 days, our hospitals are no longer able to attend people being contaminated right now, the epidemic is swelling in the entire country. […] The only response is a strict, tough, hard lockdown, this is the only way to protect our fellow citizens from this deadly virus” he said.

Faced with the many excesses, certificates will be more and more checked to make sure this “softer” lockdown does not go in pairs with slackening.

For the record, Emmanuel Macron gathered a new Defense Council this November 4. New restrictions are likely to be made to fight against the spread of coronavirus more effectively. Yesterday, Gabriel Attal announced a curfew could be implemented in Paris on top of lockdowngiven some situations noticed in the evening in Paris”. A statement denied by Matignon that said this measure “was definitely not made so far”. We will get to know more during the new press brief on Thursday November 5 held by Olivier Véran.

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