Avian flu in France: Twice as many clusters in South-Western France, the situation is "out of control"

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 8 January 2021 at 11h33
The situation is getting worse in South-Western France. In one week the number of avian flu clusters had doubled up. From now on, the National Food Administration reports 124 of them in the country, including 119 in Landes. As for professionals of the sector, they find the situation "out of control".

The avian flu situation keeps on worsening in France. Landes is a one of the most watched department. On January 7, the National Food Administration said there were 119 clusters in Landes mostly in Chalosse. Other - and more isolated - clusters have also been found in Hautes-Pyrénées (2 cases), Pyrénées Atlantiques (2 cases) and Gers (1 case).

"Given the extreme contagiousness of the virus, it is necessary to dramatically decrease the number of poultry in the most populated territories" the Minister said as they plan to "increase preventive slaughters implemented since December 24". So far, over 350,000 ducks have been slaughtered because of the avian flu epidemic in France. "Slaughter capacities will be dramatically increased thanks to the service provider appointed by the State, to health veterinarians, and the requisition of extra slaughter houses" the Ministry said.

For the record, on January 6, China has decided to stop importing French poultry because of the avian flu epidemic in the country.

As for professionals of the sector, they say the situation is "out of control". "We require fallowing farms, we see the situation is out of control, the virus is out of control. There is no other solution" President of Landes FNSEA palmiped section and farmer Hervé Dupouy from Castelnau-Tursan told AFP. Minister Julien Denormandie is expected in Landes this Friday January 8 to address the situation.

For the record, south-western duck farmers have been already hit by the avian flu in the winters 2015/2016 and 2016/2017. Massive culls had been then decided to get rid of the virus.

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