Covid: things might go back to “normal in the Fall 2021” Pr. Arnaud Fontanet states

Published by Caroline J. · Photos by My B. · Published on 17 December 2020 at 14h42
When will life get back to normal in France? This is a question many French are asking as the coronavirus crisis has been hitting Europe in the beginning of 2020. On BFMTV, professor Arnaud Fontanet from the Institut Pasteur said life could go back to normal “in the Fall 2021” but only if “80-90% of the French” get vaccinated.

It has been over 10 months now that the French are no longer living like they used to. Lockdown, curfew, masks, hand sanitizers, social distancing and many sectors still on hold including restaurants, bars, concerts and night clubs

Even though some are more or less used to this new lifestyle, others are finding it harder to bear all those restrictions. But there is one thing sure, they are all impatient for life to get back to normal. When will it happen? So far, it is hard to say. The second Covid-19 epidemic wave has peaked in France and the country is getting ready to ease lockdown off, but other countries around the globe are faced with the third wave.

But, according to professor Arnaud Fontanet from the Institut Pasteur and member of the Scientific Committee, a return to “normal life” could be possible “in the Fall 2021 only if we manage to vaccinate, roughly, 80 to 90% of the French”. An “extremely bold goal given the disapproval of vaccines” he said on BFMTV.

A few days ago, Germany company BioNTech director general – that developed a Covid-19 vaccine with Pfizer – spoke about things to go back to normal for Fall 2021.

For the record, these past couple of days, some pharmaceutical laboratories provided some hope amidst the coronavirus fight. Several of them have said their vaccines were about 95% effective.
On November 24, the European Union also secured 160 million doses of vaccine, after securing a deal with American group Moderna Therapeutics. During Emmanuel Macron’s latest address, he said Covid-19 vaccine will not be compulsory and the “swift and massive” campaign could start “from late December or early January” for “people the most at risk”.

The question is to know the proportion of French willing to get vaccinated. A recent surveyed said that only 14% of the French were willing to get vaccinated.

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