Health pass extended: the calendar announced by the French government

Published by Cécile D. · Published on 15 July 2021 at 10h50
This Monday July 12, Emmanuel Macron announced the use of the health pass is extended to more venues welcoming over 50 people, such as shopping malls, restaurants, trains… Measures are to be progressively instated over the summer.

So far, the health pass was used to travel outside France and access some venues and events with over 1,000 people. Before the end of July 2021, the use of the pass will be more common: as a matter of fact, Emmanuel Macron announced this past July 12th the health pass is extended to more venues and events.

The French President specified the new conditions subject to the pass. Progressively over the summer, you will be asked to show it to access daily places of leisure.

Starting from July 21, the health pass is compulsory for anyone over twelve years of age in places of culture and leisure gathering over 50 people. More precisely it applies to the following venues:

  • Theme parks
  • Concert
  • Festival
  • Show
  • Weddings over 50 people

Visuel Paris LouvreVisuel Paris LouvreVisuel Paris LouvreVisuel Paris Louvre Covid: health pass required for all events over 50 people
During his televised address as part of the fight against Covid, French President Emmanuel Macron is to announce – according to parliamentarians – the health pass is to be extended to and compulsory in many places starting from July 21, 2021. What are the venues it applies to? Keep reading to find out more! [Read more]

From August, the list of venues only open to health pass is extended again:

  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Hospitals, retirement houses, and medico-welfare establishments
  • Trains, planes, and buses for long-haul travels

Polpo brasserie, la terrasse péniche Polpo brasserie, la terrasse péniche Polpo brasserie, la terrasse péniche Polpo brasserie, la terrasse péniche Health pass: the detailed list of places where the pass is compulsory in
As the spread of the Delta variant makes people fear a fourth coronavirus epidemic wave is to hit the country very soon, extra measures have been made on Monday July 12, 2021. Emmanuel Macron announces the health pass is extended - starting from early August - to more public venues. Among them: bars, cafés and restaurants, shopping malls, as well as transit such as trains and planes. Discover the detailed list. [Read more]

If the government cannot instate health pass everywhere from July, it is first because they have to “vote for a bill and promulgate it”. President Macron does not seem to want to stop to these venues either: “We wonder about extending the health pass to more activities this Fall”, he announced.

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