Covid: the National Assembly passes the health pass and caregivers' vaccination law

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Photos by Laurent P. · Published on 24 July 2021 at 12h26
Following the latest governmental announcements, the National Assembly examined the draft bill about the Health Pass. And passes the measures extending the health pass and caregivers' compulsory vaccination.

After a weekend of protests caused by the extension of the health pass, this Monday July 19, 2021, the State of Council has examined the draft bill setting guidelines for the latest measures announced by President Emmanuel Macron a week before. With the latest restrictions, the government hopes to encourage the French to get vaccinated in order to overcome the spread of the Delta variant which spread in France casts the shadow of a fourth wave likely to hit the country from this summer.

The draft bill about the latest measures has been approved by the Council of State. Or almost. The institution has expressed doubts about some of the points of the project. Although the 10-day self-isolation period is approved, the Council of State considers the €45,000-fine in case of not complying with the health pass is too harsh. Last but not least, the Council of State has also expressed doubts as for the implementation of a health pass in shopping malls.

The bill has been altered then:

  • As for the 10-day self-isolation period for people infected with Covid, there will be no nighttime controls between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.

  • As for shopping malls, the Council of State fears the implementation of the health pass in these places limits the access to first-necessity good purchase. The rule shall be adapted to different criterias such as the lack of alternative for essential stores on a local basis.

  • The fine related to compulsory health pass control has been reviewed downwards. In the event of a first offence, it could reach up to €1.500 for a natural person, and €7.500 for a legal person. After 4 offcences within 30 days, the penalty goes up to €9,000-fine and one year in jail.

  • Facemasks are no longer compulsory in places subject to the health pass, yet organizers as well as prefects can decide to keep them.

The draft bill has been examined by the National Assembly. The latter does not pass the obligation of the health pass at the hospital wether for patients or visitors: "Today, it is no longer acceptable to prevent people from visiting their relatives". This Friday July 23, 2021 at dawn, the Chamber of Deputy passes the lax about the extension of the health pass to many public places and compulsory vaccination for some professions. Then, the Senate will have to issue their mind on the draft bill.

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