Singer Josephine Baker to be entombed on November 30, 2021 in the Panthéon in Paris

Published by Graziella L. · Updated on 29 November 2021 at 07h19 · Published on 22 August 2021 at 10h29
French-American singer Josephine Baker is to be entombed on November 30, 2021 in the Panthéon, and will become the first Black Woman ever honored with a Panthéon burial.

It is official, on November 30, 2021, the famous French-American singer Josephine Baker will be given a Panthéon burial. French President Emmanuel Macron has chosen this “leading figure of the Resistance and antiracist fight”, Le Parisien claims, this morning.

Baker will be the first Black woman ever honored with a Panthéon burial in Paris 5th arrondissement, after only five women, including Simone Veil. During her lifetime, she already was the first mixed-race music hall artist famous in the French capital city.

The file for the singer, dancer, and revue leader has been assessed first in late June at the Elysée palace and a petition was launched two years ago, collecting 38,000 signatures. “Artist, first international Black star, cubists’ muse, member of the Resistance during the Second World War in the French Armies, activist alongside Martin Luther King for civil rights in the United States of America and in France alongside Lica […] we think Josephine Baker, 1906-1975, has earned her place in the Panthéon”, it read.

This incredible artist, given the medal of the Resistance, can be hailed for “her courage and republican commitment”, indispensable condition to rest in the Panthéon. “She loved France, and France loved her back. With this Panthéon burial, we can say this story is now timeless”, one of her adoptive sons, Brian Bouillon-Baker, told Le Parisien.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
On 30 November 2021



    13, Rue Victor Cousin
    75005 Paris 5

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