Rock Legends, Woodstock 50th Anniversary at Paris Olympia in October 2019

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Show ROCK LEGENDS returns this October 23, 2019 for the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival. The Jimi Hendrix Revolution, Letz Zep and Les Cochons dans l'Espace will be gathered on the same night on the very same stage!

The Rock Legends show, Woodstock 50th Anniversary is coming to Paris Olympia in October 2019. This is the perfect occasion to experience the legendary atmosphere of this festival held in August 1969!

True American phenomenon, designed by Richard Walter Productions, the Rock Legends show shakes the clichés about the concept to Tribute Bands up!

For a night, Richard Walter will once again draw inspiration from the magical emotion box that ROCK LEGENDS concept is. He’s absolutely delighted: “We will correct a mistake done by history that led to deprive WOODSTOCK 500,000 festivalgoers of seeing on the same stage, LED ZEPPELIN and HENDRIX and all this for some dark financial reasons…”

ROCK LEGENDS, Woodstock 50th Anniversary will “enable fans to see the two greatest band and guitar player in the world, naming JIMI HENDRIX and JIMMY PAGE, as well as Doudou and Pascal from Les Cochons dans L'Espace.”

The night promises a dream lineup:

  • RANDY HANSEN’s Jimi Hendrix Revolution, the greatest Hendrix tribute in the world, unanimously famous. By the way, he even has been dubbed by the HENDRIX foundation, guardian of the temple and the artistic wholeness of Jimi HENDRIX’s work at the world’s level.

  • Billy KULKE & LETZ ZEP, this cult band who wrote a page of history in the book of TRIBUTE BANDS will put on a show and electrified two sold-out concerts this past January alongside DOORS ALIVE and ONE NIGHT OF QUEEN.

  • Les Cochons dans l'Espace, if you haven't heard about them, it's a quirky, funny and completely wild band! Doudou's husky and powerful voice, Pascal's craziness, it's simple, they don't only play rock, they are ROCK! They'll cover the most emblematic tracks from the WOODSTOCK era!

ROCK LEGENDS, WOODSTOCK 50th Anniversary is an event no guitar fans want to miss and the only chance to listen to HENDRIX at the same place as where his career started in France.

Practical information


28 Boulevard des Capucines
75009 Paris 9


Recommended age
From 10 to 99 years old

Average duration
1 h 30 min

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