The Louvre Museum in music: carte blanche for the Orchestre de Paris

Published by Cécile de Sortiraparis · Photos by Cécile de Sortiraparis · Published on February 26th, 2024 at 09:11 p.m.
What if your next concert was held in one of Paris's most famous museums? The Louvre regularly organizes musical events. From March 2 to June 16, 2024, the Orchestre de Paris and Klaus Mäkelä have carte blanche to thrill us.

The Musée du Louvre is well known for its paintings, sculptures and other exceptional works... But did you know that it's also a place for music and entertainment? Concerts are regularly organized in the Auditorium and in the museum's permanent collections, to bring this cultural center to life in a whole new way.

Imagine: instruments and voices coming together, magical music soaring amidst the artistic treasures on display in the Louvre. It's hard to imagine a more enchanting experience for culture lovers.

Throughout the year, the famous Parisian institution organizes shows and concerts featuring renowned artists. These musical encounters are an opportunity to discover the museum in a new way, and to discover a new dialogue between the works, and stronger emotions, exacerbated by the power of the musicians and singers.

Would you like to take advantage of this program? Get out your diary, here's what's in store for you at the Musée du Louvre. From March 2 to June 16, 2024, Klaus Mäkelä and the Orchestre de Paris have been given carte blanche. Several concerts are scheduled over the coming months.

Upcoming concerts at the Musée du Louvre :

  • Concert - Chamber music
    Saturday March 2 at 7pm and 9pm
    Salle Le Brun, paintings department, Sully wing, Scènes de batailles

    Musiciens de l'Orchestre de Paris : Klaus Mäkelä, cello and conductor
    Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber Battalia a 10 in D major C 61
    Georges Enesco String Octet in C major Op. 7
    In the spectacular setting of the Salle Charles Le Brun, where the painter depicted a series of Alexander's great battle scenes in honor of Louis XIV's military successes, Klaus Mäkelä and the musicians of the Orchestre de Paris will play in counterpoint another work of sometimes striking realism that describes every moment of combat.
    Free admission, arrival recommended 30 minutes before the performance.
  • Concert - Chamber music
    Saturday, April 20, 8 pm
    Auditorium Michel Laclotte

    String Sextuors - Musiciens de l'Orchestre de Paris
    Johannes Brahms String Sextet No. 2 in G major Op. 36
    Arnold Schönberg Transfigured Night Op. 4
    The fullness of sound provided by the doubling of the violin, viola and cello desks, violin, viola and cello, the string sextet format has often been sought by composers as the antechamber to orchestral music, and has frequently produced ample, generous works, such as Brahms's sextets, the first great successes of the genre. Schönberg's Transfigured Night is one of the last great masterpieces of German Romanticism, where the influence of Brahms and Richard Strauss's symphonic poems is perceptible throughout.

  • With the Orchestre de Paris Youth Choir
    Monday May 13 and Tuesday May 14
    A night at the Louvre with Birds on a wire, with Rosemary Standley & Dom La Nena

    First part - from 7:30 pm: Revoir van Eyck exhibition, collections of French and Flemish paintings in the Richelieu wing. Free wandering and musical impromptus imagined by Birds on a Wire with their guests
    Second part - at 9:30 p.m. sharp Auditorium Michel Laclotte Concert by Birds on a Wire

  • Concert - Chamber music
    Thursday June 13, 10 pm
    Salles rouge, Département des peintures, aile Denon, Eight Songs for a mad king

    Thomas Florio, baritone
    Musiciens de l'Orchestre de Paris : Klaus Mäkelä, conductor
    Henry Purcell March and Canzona from " Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary Z 860 "
    Sir Peter Maxwell Davies Eight Songs for a Mad King
    Almost three centuries separate these two works by English composers, whose relationship to royalty and power should resonate in front of David's imposing painting of the Rite of Napoleon.
    Free admission, arrival recommended 30 minutes before the performance.
  • Symphonic concert
    Sunday June 16, 10 pm
    Pyramide Mahler, under the pyramid

    Musiciens de l'Orchestre de Paris: Klaus Mäkelä, conductor
    Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 4 in G major
    Just a few days before the Fête de la musique, Klaus Mäkelä and the Orchestre de Paris conclude this carte blanche in style with a free symphonic concert under the Louvre Pyramid. The program features all the bucolic poetry and childlike grace of Mahler's lightest symphony, carried by a finale in which a soprano voice sings of the pleasures of this land.
    Free admission on reservation

Reserve your ticket now, and enjoy a magical moment, immersed in beauty and art!

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