Mugler Follies arrives at the Comédia theatre

Published by Marine S. · Published on 8 November 2013 at 09h26 · Updated on 16 July 2014 at 12h27
Thierry Mugler, the famous designer, will have his very own Revue show, as of December, 10 2013 at the Comedia theatre, paying tribute to beauty, combining the quality of Classic Revues, the rigor and strictness of a fashion designer and the modernity of a spectacular performance.

The Mugler Follies arrives at the Comédia Theatre and intends on dazzling you. In Paris, the art of cabaret is one of the oldest traditions in the world of entertainment, yet the Strasbourg designer Thierry Mugler revisits and practically reinvents the concept of Revue. Manfred T. Mugler wanted a high-end show with the quality of Classic Revues, the rigor and strictness of a fashion designer and the modernity of a spectacular performance that advocates diversity, displays almost every kind of beauty, and pushes the performances even further.

With dansers, singers, acrobats, performers and models, the stage of the Mugler Follies will be beautiful and delicate, "visual and sensory, with a big erotic load", as the designer puts it, though despite his desire for adaptation, wants nothing to betray the concept. Every scene takes the spectators from one world to another, with musics and original songs, composed specifically for the occasion.

The Mugler Follies invite you to a unique experience: touching, shocking, beautiful, confusing… A place where you will feel a number of ambivalent emotions, both lost and guided through the maze of Manfred Thierry Mugler's dream and fantasy.

The Mugler Follies offer their audience a dinner created by the world-famous Fouquet’s restaurant and a high-end show featuring the journey of a young woman whose dream is to shine and become a tightrope walker. Her journey will allow her to meet various other characters that will help her to transform and grow. Thierry Mugler, fashion designer, who, at some point or other in his brilliant career, also directed short movies, created perfumes, went for photography, has finally found with this adaptation of the Revue concept, a wonderful opportunity to make the most of his numerous talents and experiences. 

Practical information:

The Mugler Follies
At the Comedia Theater

From December, 10th 2013
Opening of the box office
: June, 13th 2013.

Rates : from 56 to 189€. 

Practical information

Opening Time
From 10 December 2013 to 31 December 2014



    4 boulevard de Strasbourg
    75010 Paris 10

    Spectacle Seul Cat ARGENT: 56 €
    Spectacle Seul Cat OR: 79 €
    Spectacle-Champagne Cat ARGENT: 89 €
    Spectacle-Champagne Cat OR: 99 €
    Diner-spectacle Délice: 156 €
    Diner-spectacle Prestige: 189 €

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