Musée Yves Saint-Laurent Paris for free on June 1, 2018

On June 1, 2018, Musée Yves Saint-Laurent Paris is free. This is the perfect opportunity to pay homage to the talented designer who disappeared 10 years ago.

Yves Saint-Laurent died on June 1, 2018. So, in order to pay tribute to his memory and his work, Musée Yves Saint-Laurent Paris opens for free on Friday June 1, 2018, and from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. so that you have plenty of time to come and visit!

Set at 5 Avenue Marceau, in the greatest designer’s studio where he used to unleash his creativity, Musée Yves Saint-Laurent Paris is a gem for fashionistas. Think, 40 years of creation by this true symbol of Parisian Haute Couture thoroughly preserved and displayed in small sections.

Yves Saint-Laurent, les dessins de jeunesse au Musée Yves Saint-Laurent

With over 5000 clothing pieces, 15,000 accessories and dozens of thousands of sketches, collection boards, photographs and other documents (the work of a whole life), Musée Yves Saint-Laurent Paris has everything it needs to present very varied exhibitions for at least 50 years.

Within Musée Yves Saint-Laurent Paris rooms, discover 40 Haute Couture designs by YSL (different since March 13, 2018, yes, that’s right!), as well as thousands of accessories, sketches, photographs, video clips. Tuxedo, safari jacket, jumpsuit, trench-coat, in the alleys, we get aware of the fights led by Yves Saint-Laurent for women. The tour takes us to the designer’s creation process.

By the way, within Musée YSL Paris Haute Couture lounges, you can discover 60 sketches drawn by a young Yves Saint-Laurent gathered together for a beautiful exhibition, a moving visit! For example, these drawings were made when Yves Saint-Laurent was only 17 years old…

Le Musée Yves Saint-Laurent gratuit ce 1er juin !

Paying tribute to Yves Saint-Laurent with a free visit, we say yes!


Elodie D.
Last updated on 16 May 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
On 1 June 2018
From 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.



    5 Avenue Marceau
    75116 Paris 16

    Métro Alma-Marceau (ligne 9)


    Official website

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