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Parc Astérix Themepark 2016: Schedule and News

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Parc Astérix 2017

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Du... 1 April 2017
Au... 5 November 2017

Parc Astérix
60128 Plailly

Gratuit (-3 ans)
41 euros (enfants)
49 euros (adultes)

The Parc Astérix has a new season full of emotion and special moments in store for you this eyar. From April 2nd to November 2nd, 2016, come to the Gallic theme park for amazing attractions, including a new sensational ride called Discobélix.

Parc Astérix, home of the almighty Gauls, is ready for a new season starting April 2nd until November 2nd, 2016. Are you looking for a fun new outing with family or friends? Come enjoy yourself at this theme park that has 36 attractions and great shows

Les 50 ans d'Idéfix au Parc Astérix

Reminder, Parc Asterix is a park with :

  • 6 differently themed worlds with a decor full of humour
  • 36 attractions for a whirlwind of fun 
  • 3 big live shows for a waterfall of emotions

This year, the park is continuing its innovative creation. After the seaside station Lutèce plage in 2011, the thrilling Oziris in 2012, and the family favorite in 2014 with the Idéfix forest and its release of three new shows last year, the Parc Astérix has a brand-new ride this year: Discobélix.

Discobélix, la nouvelle attraction du Parc Astérix

What is it all about? Imagine a giant discus with forty passenger harnessed along the rim. The platform runs along a 92 meter rail while it spins around, going back and fork at about 20-40 mph. Going up and down along the wavy track with a change in centrifugal force, don’t miss it this new season at the Parc Astérix. 

New Rides From Last Year 

  • Galls vs. Romans, The Match. This giant TV-like show will be taking place in the recently redone Arènes (arena). The Gauls and the Romans will face off in the match of the year. This show, presented by a diva host, is made up of three physical tests that will determine the Gauls’s destiny.

    One thing is at stake: lasting freedom! 
    Place: Les Arènes Romaines (941 seats) – Univers L’Empire Romain
    Cast: 10 actors, 5 managers 
    An original idea by Parc Astérix 
    Author: Thierry Calvet
    Director: Jean-Claude Cotillard 
    Scenographer: Fabrice Bollen
    Runtime: 25 minutes, 3-4 shows per day

  • Magique Panoramix. Panoramix, the most famous of the Gallic druids, teaches his two apprentices, Blondix and Témérix, magic and potion making, notably the famous magic potion! But these two students are rather undisciplined and take advantage of Panoramix’s absence by making the lab their new playground…This children’s show is a fun interlude that is sure to delight die-hard fans.

    Where: Théâtre de Panoramix (650 seats) – Univers Les Gaulois
    Cast: 3 actors 
    Runtime: 25 minutes, 4-5 shows per day

  • Druid Secrets. Lady Dagda, Gallic expert in druidic sciences and azimuth magic formulae gives you the key to a mysterious world. In the same spot where the most capricious druids gather, she will teach you about who these druids are, their inventions, their powers and that their role is not only for boys and men….equality doesn’t necessarily mean being hairy! Come cross the Gallic Village with Lady Dagda to learn more about these mysterious characters. 
    Secrets de Druides au Village Gaulois d'Astérix

    Where: Le Village Gaulois- Univers Les Gaulois
    Cast: 5 actors
    Runtime: 20 minutes, 4 shows per day

The updates are not over! The park has decided to continue its expansion for the next three years. 

This 2016 season will also be offering a special nighttime visit to the public! Usually reserved for special business groups, this nighttime visit is now open to everyone, with attractions, a special effects show with light, sound and water over the Temple d’Oziris and one-of-a-kind 3D animation. Don’t miss it on June 25th, 2016!

Inauguration officielle de la Forêt d'Idefix, feux d'artifice 25 ans Astérix

The park is also planning several days with extended hours until 10pm, on July 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th, letting visitors enjoy the attractions even longer into the night. 

To assure visitor satisfaction, the park has set up wifi posts, available in the games area but also while waiting in line, to play and help pass the time. Wifi stations at the biggest attractions will indicate where you can find the shortest wait times. So it’s not lost time! 

Of course, this year the Lutèce Plage beachside station is back with summer activities and Peur sur le Parc, a frightfest in time for Halloween will feature 3 haunted houses, metamorphic attractions, street shows and 3 night shows sure to give you goose bumps on October 29th, 30th, and 31st (special ticketing.)

For an entire day of fun, head to the “Village des Irréductibles!”

Useful Information:
Parc Astérix 2016

Open April 2nd to November 2nd, 2016
Prices: 47 € for adults, (12 years and older) and 39 € for children (3-11 years old), free for children under 3 years old 

Billet futé (Special Ticket Deal) Reserve one week in advance: 39 € for adults, (12 years and older) and 36 € for children (3-11 years old)) 

Take advantage of a digressive price when you come with the whole tribe in July and August : Valid for the purchase of 5-15 tickets in a single transaction. For 5-9 people: single ticket at 37€. From 10-15 people single ticket at 35€. Purchase tickets at  at least 5 days ahead. 

Access to the Park: The Park is about 18 miles north of Paris, and can be accessed by car or group buses (navettes) leaving from the Louvre or the Charles de Gaulle Airport. For more detailed information, check out the English version of the website at

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  • Avatar de geddat

    geddat le 25/07/15 à 01h17

    Le parc semble vouloir attirer les familles plutôt que des ados en mal de sensations avec ces spectacles. J'ai vu que le parc prévoit pour l'année prochaine une attraction plutôt pépère. J'ai trouvé ça ici

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    j'y suis aller et j'ai bien aimé mais faut qu'il fasse beau...

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    Le parc Astérix est sympas mais c'est principalement des jeux d'eau donc on peut y aller qu'a une certaine période de l'année

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    Je préfère ce parc, il est plus « viril » et les attractions s'adressent plus aux ados et adultes. Mais c'est de la tradition française.

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    Parc sympa ,mais je préfére de loin Eurodisney.

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    Astérix, un parc d'attractions conseillé surtout aux ados,à tous ceux qui aiment les manèges à sensations fortes, éviter d'y aller avec des enfants de moins de 120cm, ils ne pourront pas faire les meilleures attractions à l'exception du défis de César...


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