Celebrate your children's birthday in an adventurous way at AccroCamp in 2024

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Published by Communiqué · Published on April 17th, 2024 at 05:01 p.m.
Book an unforgettable experience for your children at one of the 10 AccroCamp parks near you. Our birthday packages guarantee a successful event for children and parents alike!

AccroCamp, the chain of nearby accrobranche parks, offers children's birthday packages ideal for all little adventurers. On the program: thrills and spills on the accrobranche courses and a birthday party under the trees.

If there's one fixed date every year, it's your child's birthday, so why put off the inevitable? Book an all-inclusive birthday party package with AccroCamp now and take the mental load off your shoulders!

Imagine the joy of your children and their friends, moving from tree to tree, allowing them to surpass themselves and expend their boundless energy in complete safety.

The parks all offer a wide range of accessible courses, from beginners to more seasoned adventurers, so that everyone can enjoy the experience. Each park also has its own exclusive features (from a jump into the void, to a zip line over a lake, to suspended trampoline nets...), so choose your park according to your child's desires and preferences.

You're bound to live near an AccroCamp accrobranche park in Ile-de-France: Rueil-Malmaison, Forêt de Meudon, Saint-Germain-en- Laye, Créteil, Jablines, Boucles de Seine, Poissy, and why not organize a birthday weekend in the parks of Rouen, Nantes or Chartres.

From now on, AccroCamp parks focus on eco-responsible birthday parties. In addition to having an activity that integrates with and preserves nature, birthday parties aim for zero waste, with reusable crockery, candy without packaging, compost bins and selective sorting...

Do you know the AccroCamp group?

AccroCamp parks are a destination for sustainable tourism and players involved in the fight against global warming, thanks to educational workshops for school classes, as well as the distribution of tree seeds for replanting to every visitor.

The start of the new year is also an opportunity to get together for a Team Building outing. Kicking off the year with your team is essential to ensure that all your colleagues share the same vision and 2024 objectives, so it's the ideal time to get out into nature: more information on services and bookings HERE.

Tip for Sortir à Paris readers: book your outing directly on the online accrocamp.com site at a special rate.

Les parcs AccroCamp ouvrent leur saison 2022 dès février !Les parcs AccroCamp ouvrent leur saison 2022 dès février !Les parcs AccroCamp ouvrent leur saison 2022 dès février !Les parcs AccroCamp ouvrent leur saison 2022 dès février !

What are you waiting for to organize your adventurous outing?

All the parks can host your private events (children's birthdays, bachelor parties, etc.) or business events (seminars, team outings, afterwork sessions, etc.).

It's the ideal way to get together with family, friends or even colleagues and enjoy the great outdoors, while doing a bit of sport on the zip lines, monkey bridges and Tarzan jumps...

Discover AccroCamp Nantes exclusively!

Visit the latest 10th park in the AccroCamp group if you're staying in Nantes!
The park is located on Île Beaulieu, ideal for a family nature outing just a stone's throw from the city center, during your next adventure weekend.

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