Houria, starring Lyna Khoudri as a battered dancer: review and trailer

Published by Nathanaël de Sortiraparis · Published on March 9th, 2023 at 01:40 p.m.
After "Papicha", director Mounia Meddour reunites with actress Lyna Khoudri for "Houria", a film about an injured dancer who must relearn how to use her body. Released in theaters on March 15.

After receiving the César for best first film for Papicha, the Tunisian filmmaker Mounia Meddour returns with Houria, again starring Lyna Khoudri, who received the César for best hope for Papicha. The film is expected in theaters on March 15.

The trailer ofHouria

A Franco-Arab film, Houria marks a new collaboration between the director and the actress, who has come a long way since her first film, which revealed her to the general public. Gagarin, November, Our Brothers, and soon The Three Musketeers, Lyna Khoudri is one of the faces of the new generation of French cinema.

Our opinion

If you were expecting to see an Algerian version ofEn Corps, by Cédric Klapish, you will probably be surprised. It is true that Houria deals with the same theme - the resilience of a young classical dancer after an injury - but the two stories have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Here, the social aspect of Algeria in the 2020s is paramount. The question of the reintegration of ex-terrorists of the Algerian civil war is paramount. It is a delicate subject, which the Algerian authorities prefer to avoid. That is why when an ex-terrorist attacks the young Houria, the young woman is almost left to her own devices.

It is during her rehabilitation that she meets a community of women, all traumatized by the tragedy they have experienced, that her life takes on a new meaning. She wishes to give grace to these wounded bodies by making them dance. Houria is thus an immensely political film, and many themes run through the story, beyond resilience. Often very harsh, the ordeals of the protagonist denounce a fragmented Algeria where it is still difficult to live quietly. Between precariousness and insecurity, the grievances of the director Mounia Meddour are numerous.

These grievances, Lyna Khoudri embodies them wonderfully. Despite the complete silence in which her character is immersed after her attack, the young woman asserts herself once again as one of the most talented French actresses of her generation. Her performance, combined with Mounia Meddour's direction, creates beautiful sparks. We can only encourage you to discover this for yourself.

The synopsis ofHouria

Algiers. Houria is a young and talented dancer. Housekeeper by day, she participates in clandestine bets by night. But one evening when she won big, she is violently attacked by Ali and finds herself in hospital. Her dreams of a career as a ballerina are dashed. She must now accept and love her new body. Surrounded by a community of women, Houria will find meaning in her life by using dance to rebuild and sublimate injured bodies...

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