Ma Parenthèse, coffee shop, yoga and natural medicines in the heart of Paris

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Published by Tiana R. · Published on February 14, 2020 at 12:22 p.m.
Head to Ma Parenthèse for a relaxing moment. Both a coffee shop, a yoga and Pilates studio and a natural medicine office, this is the perfect place to revitalize yourself in Paris.

Genuine haven of peace 3 in 1, Ma Parenthèse is the new soft den for people looking for calm in Paris. Eco-café, gym and natural medicine office, let’s swing by for a break from the outside hustle and bustle. And it feels good!

Hypnosis, sophrology, naturopathy, Kobido massage, ayurvedic, stress management… Here, everything has been designed to make your life more comfortable and relaxing. All in all, a dozen professionals welcome our little bodies and hurt spirits every day in the house’s lovely offices.

And if it’s not enough (because of how stressful the city can be), go upstairs. The wooden and bright gym calls for serenity. Yoga, Pilates, meditation. Each collective class (10 people max) helps participants’ wellness. We leave delightfully invigorated.

To recover from all those emotions, head to Ma Parenthèse eco-café on the ground floor of this wellness house. On the menu, seasonal and 100% organic homemade recipes served all day long. Fresh detox juices, hot drinks mad with love as well as a whole bunch of quiches, salads, soups each more colorful than the last.

Whether you come to Ma Parenthèse to work out, for natural medicine, for lunch or the three of them, you’ll leave the place relaxed. It’s what it’s made for!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From February 2nd, 2020 to February 2nd, 2023



    61 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin
    75010 Paris 10

    Menu à partir de : €8.9
    Séance sport découverte: €19

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