Guys and Dolls at Paris Théâtre Marigny

Published by Anne-Christine de Sortiraparis · Published on March 27th, 2019 at 02:29 p.m.
Let’s run and attend musical “Guys and Dolls” at Paris Théâtre Marigny. It’s the first time a Broadway gem is played in France with a cast made in UK, please! A musical and quality epic you don’t want to miss and it’s from March 13 to July 27, 2019.

We’ll love discovering Guys and Dolls, the legendary Broadway musical playing for the first time in France at Paris Théâtre Marigny in the 8th arrondissement. Meet from March 13 to July 27, 2019 for about a hundred shows promising to fill our hearts with joy.

Guys and Dolls is a Broadway gem created in 1950. A musical saga about Broadway based on Damon Runyon’s short story and characters – The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown and Blood Pressure.

We’ve already seen the posters hanging a bit everywhere in the Parisian metro. The advantage of this creation is that it’s in English – with French subtitles. We can truly enjoy this delicate gesture, enabling us to enjoy original songs instead of having approximative translations as it can happen sometimes.

It’s British director Stephen Mear who has created the show, relying on a strong cast including some of the best singers in London.

And until then, to get in the mood, let’s watch the movie made by Joseph L. Mankiewicz in 1957 starring Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra, “Guys and Dolls”.

Guys and Dolls is a show you don’t want to miss and that you need to be filled with good mood. As the director says it: “I would like to see people leaving the theater tap-dancing in the street”. And we would like it too!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From March 13th, 2019 to July 27th, 2019



    Carré Marigny
    75008 Paris 8

    Catégorie 3: €45
    Catégorie 2: €69
    Catégorie 1: €89
    Catégorie Or: €105

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