Fred Radix's La Claque at La Gaîté Montparnasse, the story of the extended theater claque

Published by Julie de Sortiraparis, Philippine de Sortiraparis · Published on May 15th, 2024 at 02:53 p.m.
In the new year, Fred Radix is once again presenting his show "La Claque", an interactive play in which he has chosen to revisit the history of the claque (applause) in theater. The show runs at the Gaîté Montparnasse until June 25, 2024, then returns to the theater from September 15 to January 28, 2025.

"La Claque", Fred Radix's creative and entertaining show, returns to enchant the Gaîté Montparnasse stage until June 25, 2024, then from September 15 to January 28, 2024. After a resounding success in its first season, this interactive musical comedy takes us back to 1895 Paris, at the heart of a theatrical adventure as hilarious as it is ingenious.

Auguste Levasseur, leader of a troupe of professional applauders, finds himself in a tricky situation when his claque fails him just before a big premiere. With the help of Fauvette, the orchestra's musician, and Dugommier, the stage manager, they must urgently form a new team of clappers. The trio has just one hour and thirty minutes to prepare the novices to applaud the key moments of a complex play with five acts, forty musicians and thirty set changes.

Fred Radix, already known for"Le Siffleur" and its 600 performances, explores with"La Claque" a little-known aspect of theater history, treating it with refined humor and a distinctive musical touch. The show has received critical acclaim for its originality and impeccable execution, earning 7 nominations at the Trophées de la Comédie musicale 2023.

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Dates and Opening Time
From January 7th, 2024 to June 25th, 2024

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    26 rue de la Gaîté
    75014 Paris 14

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    €30.8 - €45.8

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