Opération Citadelle: immersive theater experience at Hôtel Kergorlay-Langsdorff extended

Published by Laurent de Sortiraparis · Published on February 9th, 2024 at 09:23 a.m.
Discover Opération Citadelle, a unique immersive theatrical show where police investigation and love story intertwine in the heart of the emblematic Hôtel Kergorlay-Langsdorff, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Extended until the end of March 2024, you're invited to dive into the secrets of the "House of Happiness" and experience an exceptional Parisian evening!

Attention immersive theater fans!Hôtel Kergorlay-Langsdorff invites fans of detective stories and theater to a unique immersive experience, entitled Opération Citadelle, from October 13, 2023 until the end of March 2024. A cross between theater and role-playing, this show unfolds in real time, revealing the intertwined stories of eight characters at the heart of the enigmatic House of Happiness.

Synopsis of the immersive theater experience Opération Citadelle:

"Paris, 1965. For several months, the entire capital has been on the alert. The government, the prefect and the police are on their toes. Their torment? An elusive individual, known by the nickname "Croquemitaine", is kidnapping intelligence agents of all nationalities. They are found in the street, their minds lost in an indecipherable fog. Brigadier Avril has been instructed to keep an eye out for them during his rounds of the Trocadero district. The information gleaned suggests that the lair of the "Croquemitaine" is not far away. Suddenly, unusual street activity catches his attention. A shadow has just entered a derelict mansion. Any anomaly is suspicious and needs to be checked: the doors of the house are open, so Avril decides to continue his exploration. On the second floor, he discovers a strange-looking corpse... And there's more to come.

The plot takes you right from the start: who is the murderer of Georges Tito, the renowned archaeologist made famous by his book"The Wrath of Anubis"? In the grandiose setting of this mansion, once the hub of Parisian soirées and the scene of a tumultuous love affair, spectators are invited to follow the evolution of the characters or to conduct their own investigation. Every nook and cranny of this mansion, left abandoned for over a year after the mysterious disappearance of Georges' wife Nina, tells part of the enigma.

But Opération Citadelle isn't just a play... It's a journey through the memories and secrets of a house once known as La maison du bonheur, a vibrant place of gaiety and festivities, which saw the decline of its owner after the departure of his wife. It's also an opportunity for theater fans to interact with the characters, influence the course of the story, and perhaps solve the mystery surrounding Georges Tito's death.

For mystery buffs and theater lovers alike, one thing's for sure: an evening at theHôtel Kergorlay-Langsdorff won't leave you indifferent. Ready to dive into this unparalleled immersive adventure, folks?

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Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts October 13th, 2023



    9 Rue de l'Amiral d'Estaing
    75116 Paris 16

    Metro Iéna (line 9)

    L'entrée: €55

    Official website

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