Dylan Mooney's Blak Rainbow exhibition at the Australian Embassy

Published by Laurent de Sortiraparis · Published on November 10th, 2023 at 06:55 p.m.
The Australian Embassy invites you to discover Blak Rainbow, the exhibition by artist Dylan Mooney, from November 16, 2023 to May 24, 2024. Immerse yourself in the unique universe of this visionary artist from the Yuwi Islands, who fuses digital art and social issues with a touch of color and commitment. An exhibition that challenges questions of identity, queer love and the representation of First Nations peoples.

A colorful and committed exhibition... This is what theAustralian Embassy has in store for you with Blak Rainbow, a retrospective of the work of artist Dylan Mooney from November 16, 2023 to May 24, 2024. Organized by the National Gallery of Victoria, this exhibition takes visitors on a journey through three intense years of the work of Dylan Mooney, a multidisciplinary artist from the Yuwi Islands, Torres Strait and South Seas. Born in 1995 and originally from North Queensland, Mooney embodies a bold new voice in contemporary art.

Dylan Mooney, an emblematic figure of the"blak" art movement, is distinguished by his ability to question the nature of digital technologies and traditional artistic methods. His work, focused on urgent themes such as identity, desire and the representation of First Nations peoples, offers a fresh and profound look at crucial societal issues. This young artist uses his art to amplify voices that are often overlooked, particularly those of non-white and queer communities. His interdisciplinary approach embraces painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital illustration and drawing, making his practice a diverse and rich field of expression.

A remarkable aspect of Dylan Mooney 's work is his committed and vivid representation of queer love within non-white communities. This commitment reflects his desire to revitalize and redefine the representation of marginalized cultures in contemporary art. Officially recognized as blind, Mooney uses the power of digital media to create illustrations in vibrant, saturated colors. His works are a bold blend of politics, activism and social commentary, using digital technology as a powerful tool for storytelling and protest.

A veritable window onto the crucial issues of our time, seen through Dylan Mooney's unique and captivating prism. And a must-see for art lovers, social activists and anyone seeking to understand the complex nuances of our contemporary world. Shall we drop in, folks?

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Dates and Opening Time
From November 16th, 2023 to May 24th, 2024

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    4 Rue Jean Rey
    75015 Paris 15


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