Missak Manouchian exhibition at the Panthéon

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The Panthéon is hosting an exhibition entitled "Vivre à en mourir. Missak Manouchian et ses camarades de Résistance au Panthéon" (Living to Die. Missak Manouchian and his Comrades in the Resistance at the Pantheon), on view at no extra charge until September 8, 2024.

The Centre des monuments nationaux celebrates the entry into the Panthéon of Missak Manouchian and his wife Mélinée. On this historic occasion, the Centre pays tribute to these emblematic figures of the Resistance. We're off to discover the exhibition " Vivre à en mourir. Missak Manouchian et ses camarades de Résistance au Panthéon ", which runs from February 23 to September 8, 2024. This exhibition is a window onto the courage of Missak Manouchian, the unshakeable commitment of the Francs-Tireurs et Partisans de la Main d'Œuvre Immigrée and a unique opportunity to delve into the vibrant pages of our history.

Missak Manouchian, an emblematic figure of the French Resistance, is known for his commitment to the Francs-Tireurs et Partisans de la Main d'Œuvre Immigrée (FTP-MOI). Born in the Ottoman Empire and scarred by the Armenian genocide, Manouchian arrived in France in 1924, driven by a deep love for the culture and ideals of the Republic. His life took a decisive turn during the Second World War, when he became the leader of the Parisian FTP-MOI, orchestrating resistance actions against the Nazi occupiers.

The exhibition, located in the crypt of the Panthéon, near the vault where Missak and Mélinée Manouchian will be laid to rest, immerses visitors in the history of these resistance fighters. Curated by historian Denis Peschanski, it offers an edifying journey through original documents, archival reproductions and photographs, including Missak Manouchian 's handwritten notebooks and moving letters from the condemned to their loved ones.

Le Panthéon à Paris - les photos intérieur -  A7C9459Le Panthéon à Paris - les photos intérieur -  A7C9459Le Panthéon à Paris - les photos intérieur -  A7C9459Le Panthéon à Paris - les photos intérieur -  A7C9459

Mélinée Manouchian, Missak's life and struggle companion, also played a crucial role in the Resistance and in preserving the memory of these heroes. Orphaned by the Armenian genocide, she returned to France where she met Missak, forming with him an inseparable duo, both personally and in their shared commitment.

The exhibition also pays tribute to the " Vingt-trois " from the Affiche Rouge trial, symbols of foreign resistance in France, whose bravery and sacrifice are enshrined in French history. This diverse group, made up of resistance fighters of many nationalities, testifies to the universality of the struggle against oppression and for freedom.

They are honored at the Panthéon with an inscription. The underlined names are those of the members featured on the Affiche rouge.

  • Celestino Alfonso (Spain) 1916-1944
  • Golda Bancic, (Romania) 1912-1944
  • Joseph Boczor (Hungary) 1905-1944
  • Georges Cloarec (France) 1923-1944
  • Rino Della-Negra (France) 1923 -1944
  • Thomas Elek (Hungary) 1924 -1944
  • Maurice Fingercweig (Poland) 1922 - 1944
  • Spartaco Fontanot (Italy) 1922 - 1944
  • Emeric Glasz (Hungary) 1902 - 1944
  • Jonas Geduldig (Poland) 1918 - 1944
  • Lebj Goldberg (Poland) 1924 - 1944
  • Szlama Grzywacz (Poland) 1909 - 1944
  • Stanislas Kubacki (Poland) 1908 - 1944
  • Cesare Luccarini (Italy) 1922 - 1944
  • Missak Manouchian (Armenian, Ottoman Empire) 1906 - 1944
  • Armenak Manoukian (Armenian, Russian Empire) 1895 - 1944
  • Marcel Rajman (Poland) 1923 - 1944
  • Roger Rouxel (France) 1925 - 1944
  • Antoine Salvadori (Italy) 1920 - 1944
  • Salomon Schapira (Poland) 1910 - 1944
  • Amedeo Usseglio (Italy) 1911 - 1944
  • Wolf Wajsbrot (Poland) 1925 - 1944
  • Robert Witchitz (France) 1924 - 1944
  • And Joseph Epstein (Poland) 1911 - 1944, leader of the Parisian Francs-Tireurs et Partisans.

In short, this exhibition at the Panthéon is an invitation to reflect on the values of courage, resilience and humanity that guided Missak Manouchian and his comrades. It calls us to reflect on our duty to remember, and on the importance of passing on these stories of resistance to future generations. We are invited to reflect, learn and draw inspiration from these exceptional life stories, which bear witness to the complexity and richness of our collective history.

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From February 23th, 2024 to September 8th, 2024

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