The Chocolat Cocktail Club, the tasty aperitif soon in Paris

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Updated on 12 June 2020 at 18h11 · Published on 9 May 2020 at 15h50
Calling all chocolate lovers, the chocolaty-est aperitif is coming to Paris. The Chocolat Cocktail Club is the super-tasty experience waiting for you in a place kept secret.

Are you dreaming of a wonderful tasty, and uncommon experience in Paris? Does your love for chocolate equal your passion for cocktails? Be on the lookout because Paris will soon house the aperitif you have always dreamt of: the Chocolat Cocktail Club.

So far, the place remains a mystery and there is no date known. But what we know is that this mouthwatering experience provided by Fever will be a delight for our taste buds with chocolate cocktails. The experience starts with the main creation, the Chocotini, based on chocolate. Then, it is up to you!

On the menu, you have many famous and revisited cocktails with more chocolatey flavors, as well as exclusive creations that are highly intriguing and appealing:

The Chocotini: the star cocktail of the Chocolat Cocktail Club, entirely based on chocolate

Pearless Whisper: dark chocolate, rum, and fruits

The Pornstar’s Best Friend: interpretation of the Pornstar Martini by the Chocolat Cocktail Club with a drop of white chocolate

Raspberry Ripple: a subtle mix of white chocolate and raspberry

Clockwork Orange: Chocolat Cocktail Club's answer to chocolate candied orange

The Godfather: whisky and chocolate, mint mousse as garnish

Golden Ticket to Caramel Kingdom: a sweet mixture of chocolate and caramel

Nutty for Chocolat: a mixture of Bailey’s, amaretto, and chocolate

Shamazing Strawberry: delicious chocolate and strawberry mix

Chocolate Espresso: Martini Expresso are for those who play it safe! The Chocolat Cocktail Club adds its personal and unique touch

Bananarama: its fruity taste will make you really go through it

Absolutely Fabulous: especially created for Bailey’s fans

The Vegan One: the vegan dream of the Chocolat Cocktail Club

The Purple One: a delight based on hazelnut and chocolate

Mexpresso Martini: you will be hot with this spicy creation

A Caribbean Kiss: when white chocolate meets pineapple and Bacardi

If you are looking for more chocolatey address in Paris, including chocolate bars, Hoct & Loca, and Choco Factory, as well as Champeaux, the restaurant by Alain Ducasse, also offers chocolate cocktails, keep your eyes peeled!

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please drink responsibly.

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