Chambelland, the gluten-free bakery in Paris

Are you looking for a gluten-free bakery? Do you want to try gluten-free breads for your healthy or to diversify your diet? The Chambelland bakery has everything to please you. Homemade products you can track from A to Z, organic ingredients and tasty original breads, Chambelland has everything to win your vote.

It’s not easy to find good gluten-free breads. Of course, we can find some easily in supermarkets now, but let’s face it, the taste isn’t really here. After several years of research, Nathaniel and Thomas, Chambelland founders, now offer breads that meet our expectations in a bakery/store near Oberkampf.

To make sure the bread is of quality and that all raw products can be traced, Chambelland buddies launched themselves in making their own… mill, located in the south, in Malijai. In this 300sqm mill, they prepare their organic rice, buckwheat and chestnut flours coming from France or Italy; Nathaniel ensures us, there is no flours/yeast mix, just pure flours, full of flavors that only wait to be kneaded!

Baking bread with rice flour? No way! You should know that their breads based on rice and buckwheat flour, raised with rice yeast are very successful in the United States (yes, they are!). The recipes are available with cereals, walnuts… You find the “chambellines” version, 200-gr bar, and rectangular breads weighing over 2.3kg, sold for about €22 (you can by a quarter for about €5).

Chambelland, la Boulangerie sans gluten à Paris

Obviously, a bread that is gluten-free can’t have a light, soft crumb, but we’re close to it, and we discover a whole new range of textures: the bread is dense, soft in the mouth and not dry at all. It tastes good and it changes from traditional bread. By the way, you can keep the bread for a while, between 4 and 5 days, and it can even be frozen. So, don’t worry, you can buy it in bulk, slice it and freeze it for later.

Chambelland, la Boulangerie sans gluten à Paris

Nathaniel hammers us home: he doesn’t want to attract “gluten-free, lactose-free and other something-freeaficionados, he only wants to show Parisians you can enjoy tasty breads “made out of something other than wheat”. We love the vision, while enjoying a breakfast served for €8 with breads, butter and jam, a coffee/tea, and a fresh juice that changes from our everyday breakfast.

Chambelland, la Boulangerie sans gluten à Paris

If Chambelland serves breakfasts, small pastries (about €3.5) and prepares 60 sandwiches everyday for lunch (about €10 for the sandwich and the lemonade), the shop doesn’t want to become the “place to be for gluten-free”, and claims to be a bakery selling tasty bread, pastries and homemade flours!

In short, here’s a seducing alternative to replace wheat that is omnipresent in our diets. Wheat modified across the years that is now raising many questions and doubts for health. So, how about discovering the bread from another angle?

Practical information:
Chambelland, gluten-free bakery
Address: 14 rue Ternaux – 75011 Paris
Opening hours: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., closed on Mondays
Rates: 200-gr bread €1.2, 2.2-kg bread €22
Breakfast offer for €8, lunch offer between €10 and €12.

Elodie D.
Last updated on 2 June 2015

Practical information


14 Rue Ternaux
75011 Paris 11

Métro Parmentier

la chambelline: 1,25 €
1/4 pain de 500gr: 5,5 €
petit-déjeuner: 8 €
formule déjeuner: 10 €
le pain de 2,3 kg: 22 €

More information
Horaires : 9h-20h, fermé le lundi

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