The best hotel bars in Paris

How about sipping a drink in a hotel bar? Because yes, we rarely think about it. Yet Paris hotels are filled with hidden, unique or simply design bars that sometimes feature a breathtaking view. The bonus? They are open to everyone, let’s go there!

“Where?” Here’s the question you ask every time you’re about to hit the streets of Paris to have a drink. It drives you mad. it’s normal, after all, you know what you want: a bar with nice cocktails, a superb décor in which you don’t feel like you’re sitting on your neighbor’s laps. You might well try to figure it out, there are days when you want a dramatic change. And this is where we step in: how about a hotel bar?

It’s true, we don’t think about them enough, and yet, these addresses are not only reserved for hotel residents, on the contrary. These places are open to all, and everyone is welcomed. So, don’t give it any second thought, you’ll feel more than welcomed. And in addition to a flawless service, no matter if you’re a client or not, you will have the occasion to drink creative cocktails you won’t forget any time soon. Because yes, Paris hotels and palaces fight over the best barmen chefs for our taste buds’ greatest joy as well as to feast our eyes because plating our drinks up is always carefully thought. Add to this a unique setting sometimes accompanied by an unobstructed view over the French capital and here you go with the promise to spend the perfect evening! How’s life going?

Without further ado, here are the best hotel and palace bars in Paris:

In hotels:

Talma by Hôtel Belle Juliette
Nestled within Hôtel Belle Juliette, Talma is described as a cozy bar offering several spaces such as this bar corner with cocktails and other grands crus wines.

Le Bar du Talma de l'Hôtel La Belle Juliette

Black Bar by Hôtel Félicien
Starting from the lobby, the designer’s signature is noticeable thanks to a subtle dose of tradition and high-tech. A blend we find in the furniture graphic lines he entirely designed, the reception counter made out of Krion, the marble flooring with houndstooth, matching the stories carpet pattern. With this splash of red, placed here and there.

Le Black Bar de l'Hôtel Félicien

La Mezcaleria by 1K Paris Hotel
If you enjoy speakeasy bars, meet at 1K Paris and open the doors of La Mezcaleria, the hidden bar of the famous Parisian hotel. On the meny? Cocktails based on Mezcal and a Mexican atmosphere.

La Mezcaleria Bar 

Ice Bar by Kube Hotel
The place stands out from traditional hotels with its amazing design and a very bold concept. Located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, in a nice, quiet alley, it will allow you to enjoy your glass of vodka in a very cosmopolitan environment. Sortiraparis tells you why you might want to rush to this fairly unusual hotel.

Ice bar 
Kube Hotel

Cocktail bar by Hôtel Maison Cadet
For an elegant moment, head to Hôtel Monsieur Cadet bar set in Paris 9th arrondissement. It’s a travel back in time, to the roaring twenties, that this bar offers you to experience. Your taste buds will be over the moon because of the creations thought up by Kevin Ligot.

Le bar de l'hôtel Monsieur Cadet

Marlene by Lancaster
Offering a rather intimate and confidential atmosphere, this Parisian hotel bar reveals a lit marble counter as well as a large carpet with hand-embroidered camellias. To have a seat, discover the armchairs and the Louis XVI-inspired sofas, mixed with brass coffee tables. Finally, don’t miss the large and central glass roof renovated with colored stained glasses.

Ouverture du bar du Lancaster

Cocktail bar by Swann
Do you love Marcel Proust’s works? If so, meet at hôtel Swann, the first literary hotel entirely devoted to the famous French writer. In addition to a unique décor in tribute to the author, the place also offers Proust-igious cocktails!

Les meilleurs bars d'hôtel de Paris 

E7 by Hôtel Edouard 7
Cocktail fans unite! Young barman Paola Calvera expects you behind the counter of E7, Hôtel Edouard 7 bar, in order to make you discover his mixology creations.

L'E7 : le bar à cocktails de l’Hôtel Edouard 7

Park-Hyatt Paris Vendôme Bar
Some Parisian palaces bars are confidential places where regulars and connoisseurs enjoy visiting on a regular basis. It’s the case of Park-Hyatt Paris Vendôme bar.

Le Bar du Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme

In Hôtels Particuliers:

Hôtel Bel Ami Bar
In addition to this atmosphere close to a large Parisian apartment, Bel Ami Bar will meet all your needs with cocktails thought up by Sébastien and Daniel, Bel Ami two barmen.

Le bar de l'Hôtel Bel Ami

Undisclosed bar by the Maison Souquet
The former pleasure house from the Belle Epoque and transformed into a 5-star Hotel hides one of the most undisclosed bars in Paris and at the heart of its most crowded area: a quiet and serene setting where barmen reveal us cocktails that will delight all our senses.

La Maison Souquet et son bar confidentiel, à deux pas du Moulin Rouge

Très Particulier by Hôtel Particulier Montmartre
A tea lounge from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and a cocktail bar from 6 p.m. at the same time, this new bar has a unique tropical and sensual atmosphere, thought up by Pierre Lacroix. The hotel manager, Oscar Comtet, called in this indoor architect to give a new breath of life to the place.

Ouverture du Bar Le Très Particulier


Cloud M by Citizen M
How about reaching cloud nine? Well, it’s good but we have better than that: reaching cloud 16! Literally! You’ve got it, you will have to use the lift to go to the 16th floor of this place to discover Cloud M.

CloudM : Le Skybar du CitizenM Gare de Lyon

Skyline Bar by Hôtel Mélia Paris
Set on the 19th floor of Hôtel Mélia Paris La Défense, Skyline Bar & Lounge is La Défense only rooftop! The occasion to relax in this 30-seat terrace, to enjoy one of the cocktails featured on the menu and served with tapas and to enjoy this incredible view!

Skyline Bar & Lounge

Terrass' Hotel rooftop
Terrass' Hotel expects you on its rooftop, set on the 7th floor and offers you to discover its 350 spirits in delicious cocktails brilliantly created by Emeric Aguilar, a skilled bartender with a very beautiful business card!

Le rooftop du Terrass'' Hôtel passe en mode hiver

In Palaces:

Le Bar Botaniste by Shangri-La
Shangri-La Bar, managed by Arnaud Thirel, is back with Le Bar Botaniste and pays tribute to Prince Roland Bonaparte and his herbarium. Now including 15 signature cocktails and 23 different gins, the bar goes way back to the roots of mixology and uses ancient spirits again.

Les meilleurs bars d'hôtel de Paris


Le Meurice Bar 228
Perfectly set across the Tuileries, between the Place de la Concorde and the Louvre, Hôtel Le Meurice is the place to be since 1835, it’s a true gem in terms of French palaces. Le Meurice barman chef William Oliveri, said to be one of the best, fully take part in the success and the story of Bar 228.

Les meilleurs bars d'hôtel de Paris

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Last updated on 28 March 2018

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