Cédric Grolet celebrates his patisserie 1st anniversary with a fruit special weekend

Published by Elodie D. · Photos by Elodie D. · Published on 12 March 2019 at 15h07 · Updated on 14 March 2019 at 10h35
Le Meurice pastry chef Cédric Grolet expects us on March 23 and 24, 2019 for celebrate the first anniversary of his rue de Castiglione-set patisserie. On the menu, 12 fruit sculpture to enjoy, cooking books to purchase, pictures to take with the chef and aprons to win! PS: both Cédric Grolet’s hazelnuts will be available during this exceptional weekend!

Remember, on March 20, 2018, hundreds of foodies (including our sweet-toothed team) were waiting in rue de Castiglione. What for? To taste Cédric Grolet’s famous fruits, sculpted desserts that traveled the world and were available on the menu of Le Meurice palace.

A year later, the young Parisian chef keeps on creating fruits and has decided to thank us all with a crazy weekend during which he will sell his most beautiful fruits.

For the first time, it’s not 2 fruits but 12 fruits that will be available in the patisserie: Cédric Grolet’s Hazelnut and the 2.0 Hazelnut, the Red Apple, the Green Apple, the Pear, the Chestnut, the Pink Fruit, the Yellow Lemon, the Lime, the Black Lemon, the Passion Fruit and the Lychee.

Careful though, your guilty pleasure costs €17 but you’re sure to get a flavor and a texture live you’ve never tasted before, a crazy treat but that could be explained with the work and the ingredients used.

Indeed, many months are required to create this visual and gustative trompe l’oeil since the pastry chef creates custom-made molds, uses seasonal fruits coming from organic farming as much as possible for a breathtaking result that requires years of research.

If you have to wait a few more months to taste the Strawberry again, the chef told us 7 years were needed to recreate this fruit as a pastry!

That’s well and good but we’re already drooling, so we only hope the queue won’t be too long and if the chef still reads us, we would love boxes with miniature portions to taste everything without breaking the bank…

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 23 March 2019 to 24 March 2019



    6 Rue de Castiglione
    75001 Paris 1

    Métro : Concorde (Lignes 8 et 12) et Pyramides (Lignes 1 et 14)

    le fruit: 17 €

    Official website

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