Boulangerie Petit Jean, the family and artisanal bakery in Paris

Boulangerie Petit Jean is a bakery and a pastry shop just how we like them. Bread cooked with organic flours without enhancers, homemade pastries cooked with market ingredient and pastéis de nata to die for. Can we have some more?

Boulangerie Petit Jean has everything to please lovers of good bread and good pastries. At the time of industrialization where bakeries are more into selling ready-made frozen products cooked with a mix of ready to use flours and full of enhancers and preservatives, it feels so good to discover people making their best to preserve the tradition of quality yeast breads and artisanal pastries.

Head to this pretty pastry shop and bakery which opened a few weeks ago in Paris 12th arrondissement. The incongruous décor thought up by an architect manages to seduce us. White walls, raw wood, black furniture and lovely lamps create a welcoming setting.

Boulangerie Petit Jean à Paris

At the far end of the bakery, we find various breads baked by Papa who has been in the trade for 25 years. Traditional bread, bread with cereals, rye bread or with chestnut, walnuts or figs. Breads are baked with natural yeast and organic flours. Everything is homemade and enhancers-free.

Boulangerie Petit Jean à Paris

Viennoiseries are also Papa’s work. We must say that everything is incredible but the Brioche Petit Jean wins everything. This vanilla-flavored brioche looks like the famous pain aux raisins (a viennoiserie with raisins and pastry cream) but the meringue substitutes pastry cream and hazelnuts substitute raisins.

Boulangerie Petit Jean à Paris

Have you heard of pastéis de nata? You know, these small treats coming from Portugal that sell like hot cakes in Belém and looking like egg tarts? Rush to Petit Jean to taste them and you will love it for sure! Smooth and rich in flavors, they know the way to your heart. Between us, the recipe comes from mum who tried thirty times before finding THE perfect recipe. Nevertheless, do not come too late in the day, because they sell like hot cakes.

Boulangerie Petit Jean à Paris

In terms of pastries, 2 pastry chefs wake up at dawn to treat you every day. Among the specialties, you will have the éclairs, the cream puffs and the beautiful seasonal fruit pies. These latter are cooked with fresh ingredients bought the very same day at the market or in Rungis (the best large wholesale food market serving the Paris metropolitan area and beyond). We have been told, the pies do not help making benefits because of how expensive fresh ingredients are, but people love them so, they love making people happy.

Boulangerie Petit Jean à Paris

Boulangerie Petit Jean à Paris

In short, everything is good, everything is fresh and everything is homemade. What else could we ask for?

Practical information:
Boulangerie Petit Jean 
100 rue Claude Decean, 75012 Paris
just a few meters from Daumesnil metro station (lines 6 and 8)
Open Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
From 6:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays (and on market days)

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Last updated on 12 May 2017

Practical information


100 Rue Claude Decaen
75012 Paris 12

Recommended age
For all

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