Bambou: New Thai restaurant in Paris

It’s a magnificent and delicious travel that Bambou offers us to experience. Through this new Thai restaurant, Thomas Delafon and Jean-Pierre Lopes, the two masterminds behind the project, take us to Asia, on the visual level and on the culinary level!

Nestled in Paris 2nd arrondissement, Thai restaurant Bambou attracts curious people… First because of the incredible staging designed by Clémence and Clément Goutal.

First, there’s this wall covered in bird cages bargain-hunted in China set in the entrance, as well as this leather and metal dragon by Zoé Rumeau, but also the huge dining room, the lounge with its cabinet of curiosities gathering travel memorabilia, and even the smoking room set downstairs.

Bambou Thaï Restaurant

A bit like the lounge embodying the chic of the former colonies, Bambou restaurant – covering 500-sqm – has been created by Thomas Delafon and Jean-Pierre Lopes, already owner of several places such as Le Tournesol, Le Bistrot Vivienne, Le Vin des Pyrénées, Le Père et Fille as well as La Plage and Très Honoré.

In terms of food, dishes are cooked by Chef Antonin Bonnet, trained at Michel Bras.

Bambou Thaï Restaurant

Relying on his long experience in Thailand the love he has for his Korean wife, this chef came up with a menu highlighting Thai regions, with “a genuine Thai cuisine, without any twist in terms of ingredients”, Antonin Bonnet shares with us.

Bambou Thaï Restaurant

His signature dishes? Pad Thai – just as sticky as we like it to be – the papaya salad with poultry wings and desserts that renew the genre with a strong shared view: reinterpreting the best lacking exoticism, such as this baba with fresh litchis, a lemongrass cream and kaffir lime cream or caramel-coconut cream.

Bambou Thaï Restaurant

Practical information:
Bambou Restaurant
23 rue des Jeûneurs – 75002 Paris
Phone:  +33 (0)1 40 28 98 30

Caroline J.
Last updated on 18 November 2016

Practical information


23 Rue des Jeuneurs
75002 Paris 2

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