Le Bar à Huîtres in Paris presents its summer menu

Specialized in seafood, Le Bar à Huîtres in Paris presents its summer menu both tasty and fresh. If you miss sea air, here is something that will bring back all your beach-moment memories.

You may know Le Bar à Huîtres, an oyster-restaurant that managed to impose itself in Paris. Maybe you heard that it offered molecular cocktails and a delightful menu: an all-you-can-eat oyster buffet! But here is something new again that is worth it: its summer menu!

Okay, it is true that on the menu, novelties may not appear, but be rest assured because we will reveal everything! First things first, the starters. You can have wild king prawns flambéed before your eyes, wild king prawn tempura, squid and vegetables tempura, your taste buds will thank you later. Imagine, juicy eggplants, melting sweet potatoes, crunchy broccolis served with very tasty king prawns and squids. Yum!

 La carte d'été au Bar à Huîtres

If you are not that hungry, well, what about the mini sea bass tartare with caviar. This starter, delicately presented will make you hungry but in a sophisticated manner and all in freshness. After this appetizer, you will wait impatiently the main dish. Be rest assured, the service is incredibly fast.

 La carte d'été au Bar à Huîtres

Let’s talk about the main dish. Among the novelties of the menu, you will have the yellowfin tuna cooked with a welding torch as well as jumbo shrimps both are cooked before your eyes. A wonderful grilled-food smell will make your mouth water. Then, you will attend the presentation in religious silence. The waiting will keep up with your expectations.

 La carte d'été au Bar à Huîtres

Another dish will seduce your taste buds, the young turbot filet and beurre blanc. A noble fish that Le Bar à Huîtres cooks perfectly. No fuss needed, the rich taste is sufficient. As a side dish, you can also taste the excellent smashed potatoes with lightly salted Bordier butter. If you prefer, you can choose a healthier side dish with spinach cooked on order.

 La carte d'été au Bar à Huîtres

For the dessert, nothing new, but you will have to wait for September. In the meantime, you should definitely go for the raspberry shortbread and whipped cream that will end this wonderful meal on a light and fruity note.

Practical information:
Le Bar à Huîtres summer menu
Until October 2017
In all Paris Le Bar à Huîtres
Flambéed wild king prawns: €19
Wild king prawn, squid and vegetable tempura: €14
Mini sea bass tartare with caviar: €22
Yellowfine tuna cooked with a welding torch: €25
Young turbot with beurre blanc: €29
Fresh jumbo shrimps with a welding torch: €29
Raspberry shortbread and whipped cream: €12

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 1 August 2017

Practical information


112, boulevard du Montparnasse
75014 Paris 14

Tempura gambas sauvages, poulpe et légumes: 14 €
Gambas sauvages flambées: 19 €
Mini tartare bar au caviar: 22 €
Thon Albacore au chalumeau: 25 €
Langoustines fraîches à la flamme: 29 €
Turbotin filet beurre blanc: 29 €

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