Roberta Bercy Village, the genuine Italian eatery

Roberta is coming to Cour Saint-Emilion in Bercy Village! Lovers of genuine Italian cuisine, come along and discover this new and superb terrace. Wide space, wonderful bar with giant and unlimited aperitivo, double terrace and tasty, traditional and creative cuisine, you must go.

Just set in Bercy Village, Roberta is already a success. You only have to sit to notice people talk Italian, proving that we’re at the right address that you should tell if you know some Italian cuisine connoisseurs. Open since early January, the place differs from the restaurant in Abesses: bigger, wider with a smaller delicatessen corner to leave more place to friendly tables.

Whether you’re here with your lover or your squad, you’ll have a seat. And even more if the weather allows it with the 30 seats on the terrace in the front and the 50 seats on the terrace in the back. Are you on a budget or just looking for a good deal? Well, I couldn’t advise you too much to go and try the Aperitivo Milanese served on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. You know, this concept where you pay for a drink and you access an unlimited buffet, yes you do! Bercy Aperitivo spot is twice as big as the one in Abbesses in a refrigerated area, great!

L'Aperitivo chez Roberta 

In terms of decoration, because you never change a winning team, it has been entrusted to Atelier Richard Fard. We love the floor that looks like aged wood, the warm mix between stones and beams, the big industrial ceiling lights, the bargain-hunted mills or the beautiful open-plan kitchen. A wonderful, big and high-tech cuisine allowing you to see everything happening on the spot (even the fresh pasta). Moreover, it features an over so that the restaurant can bake pizzas.

Roberta Bercy, restaurant italien

Roberta Bercy, restaurant italien

Roberta Bercy, restaurant italien

Yet, on Roberta’s menu, you’ll only find 2 pizzas: a Margherita and a chocolate pizza. Roberta often says that the essential of tasty Italian dishes is found in quality products. So, no need to blow things out of proportion to enjoy a delicious pizza: a tasty dough based on an exceptional flour, a flavorful tomato sauce, a brilliant mozzarella and just dash of Roberta’s olive oil, what else?

Roberta Bercy, restaurant italien

For Bercy restaurant, the menu has been reworked and simplified. We find salads, mozzarellas, charcuteries, antipasti and the famous fresh homemade pasta. A fresh and varied menu likely to change over the seasons.

Roberta Bercy, restaurant italien

Among the novelties, we tasted the Foccacinas di Reco. Two extra-thin doughs based on Manitoba flour containing a delicious cheese. You can enjoy the plain version or the version with pesto, a true delight. We also fall for the Arancini, these balls of fried saffron risotto revealing a mozzarella heart, we die for it.

Roberta Bercy, restaurant italien

We really loved the Vitello tonnato, this veal dish softly cooked and thinly sliced with its sauce with tuna, mayonnaise and caper. Smooth, tasty, we adore it.

Roberta Bercy, restaurant italien

Speaking of main courses, we opted for the Mezzelunes Verdi, half-moon ravioli with butter squash, sage and speck. We love how thin the dough is and how sweet the squash tastes, enhanced by speck. My partner in crime enjoys the gourmet and smooth artichoke cannelloni.

Roberta Bercy, restaurant italien

Moving on to desserts, we strongly advise you the nougat ice cream and hot coffee (Affogato al caffé). A gourmet hot and cold blend. Unless you’d rather go for the excellent Crostata al limone (lemon pie) or for the chocolate cake (Torta Caprese” served with its stracciatella ice cream.

Roberta Bercy, restaurant italien

To end this meal, please not that the place serves an excellent coffee available on the go (yes, the place is a delicatessen too. Charcuteries, cheeses, olive oil and quality bowls are all yours). A Blend Roberta realized by Café Lomi and named Dolce Vita, made of 90% Brazil and 10% Mexico, a sour brown coffee we love.

How about a genuine and tasty Italian near Bercy?

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Last updated on 8 February 2018

Practical information


30 Cour Saint-Emilion
75012 Paris 12

Desserts: 7 €
Mozzarella: 8 €
Pizza: 12 €
Plats: 15 €

Recommended age
For all

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