Les Saisons, the excellent restaurant taken over by Le Meurice former chef

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Published by Clémentine V. · Photos by Clémentine V. · Updated on 21 April 2018 at 11h45 · Published on 11 April 2018 at 12h46
Les Saisons have undergone a makeover! The restaurant has been taken over in 2017 by Le Meurice former manager, and let’s say it right away: it was delicious!

Set in Rue Lamartine, Les Saisons restaurant passes unnoticed and yet, there are some gems hiding behind the curtain that caulk the entrance!

If Les Saisons is far from being a new restaurant, it has been taken over in November 2017. At its helm, we find Philippe Fréjat and Le Meurice former manager Patrice le Nouvel. The two buddies (wonderfully) chose Damien Goutry to work behind the stoves. Wishing to keep the image of a local restaurant with a market cooking, the new owners have decided to keep the name of the restaurant, Lesa Saisons.

Faithful to its outdoor look, the inside doesn’t look much either and we must say that if the Michelin stickers glued to the front window didn’t plant an idea in our heads, we wouldn’t have bet a lot on Les Saisons. But you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, should you?

Once inside, we’re very warmly welcomed, and reading the menu whets our appetite. So, are we choosing the fish smoked on the place, the shell soup or the traditional duck breast?

Finally, we choose the starter of the day, a sea bream carpaccio with grapefruit, the sea bream is very very fresh, are we told, and the semi-cooked foie gras and its bread chips. Let’s continue with the 7-hour lamb chuck with green asparagus and the skate wing with its lemony purée and spinach keep up the tasting. Finally, since we love good food, we end with succulent desserts: a peanut cream and crunchy biscuit and a pistachio éclair.

Extremely hearty, Les Saisons cuisine is always delicious. We feel that ingredients are fresh and thoroughly selected (and I think you’ve guessed it, it’s all about seasonal ingredients!) and the service is extremely welcoming and passionate, so we feel like at home.

It’s sure, we’ll come back and maybe even before the next season!

Practical information


52 Rue Lamartine
75009 Paris 9

Desserts: €9 - €13
Entrées: €9 - €15
Plats: €22 - €27

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