Nomikaï, inspired plates to share and quirky nature wines

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Updated on 5 November 2020 at 10h39 · Published on 4 July 2019 at 11h05
Since it opened in February 2018, Nomikaï serves curious people, foodies and gourmands a whole bunch of plates to share and many nature wines, all thoroughly selected like in Japanese Izakaya.

Today, you’re coming with us to Paris 12th arrondissement, for a genuine world flavor tour at Nomikaï. Running this discreet spot, chef Berangère Boucher, who left the publishing industry to devotes herself into her very passion, cooking.

Nomikaï draws inspiration from Japanese izakaya, these restaurants serving tasty beverages and small plates to share with friends. An idea duly applied at Nomikaï.


Just the wine list makes our head spin: here they are nature and rather uncommon. For instance, we recommend you taste the orange wines, white wines vinified with the skin, giving them a rather exceptional flavor, close to plum, so we could say.

Nomikaï also offers a selection of cocktails base on Japanese alcohols (Ki-no-Bi gin, Nikka vodka, shōchū) and original ingredients (organic vegetable coal lava, yuzu syrup, kumquat).


But careful though, don’t go and think dishes served at Nomikaï are only inspired by Asia. They are, for some, but Bérangère Boucher can also serve a revisited couscous, or a veal stew her own way.

Yet, if I know something for sure is that they are all based on carefully selected and sourced ingredients: for instance, organic vegetables come from a cooperative in Ile de France, breed meats and so on…


The menu evolves with the seasonality of ingredients, as well as most of all with the chef’s inspiration. The day we came, we’ve made ourselves an idea of all the inventiveness and creativity of this young chef by tasting to six plates to share.

We first started with the feta Cervelle de Canut style (€8), fresh and seasoned with tarragon, gravlax salmon and beetroot shavings (€10) and seabream carpaccio (€13) served with vodka and lemon ice cube to crack open; three fresh and flavorful dishes, the best to survive hot summer days.


We continue our culinary travel with a dish based on meat, beef tataki (€10) with very soft Black Angus beef with an almost smoky taste; and two warm dishes, first the delicate pulled veal ravioli with lemon and cumin (€10), a spicy and lemony dish.

Then, our favorite dish, creamy pasta with wild garlic topped with thin slices of Cecina (€10), very delicious, pastas are almost caramelized by the cream, such a wonder.


We end the feast with three cheeses – Comté, crottin, tome – we enjoy with a glass of sake (€10), a very brilliant pairing, and a dessert à la carte, yuzu and lemon cream with shortbread and palm tree flower sugar (€9), a bit of freshness we perfectly need.

With its beautiful terrace ready to welcome you all summer 2019 long, you have no excuse but to go and taste to Bérangère Boucher’s small culinary wonders at Nomikaï!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 3 July 2019 to 29 December 2019



    14 Rue Crozatier
    75012 Paris 12

    Assiettes à partager: €8 - €13
    Cocktails: €10 - €12

    Official website

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