Bobi, the new Filipino restaurant in Paris

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 8 May 2020 at 12h16
World cuisine fans, BoBi is the new Filipino restaurant that opened in Paris. On the menu, emblematic dishes and specialties from the Pacific Ocean archipelago served in street-food portions.

Want to make your taste buds travel? No need to travel far! Head to Paris 11th arrondissement to discover BoBi, the new Filipino restaurant in town!

On the menu, family Filipino cuisine full of colors and so comforting, prepared with thoroughly selected produces (spices and condiments come straight from the Philippines!).

Expect to discover emblematic dishes from the culinary Filipino repertoire. Among them, three signature dishes to enjoy with bagoong (fried shrimp paste), fried garlic, pickled cucumber and white rice:

  • Adobo is the “national local dish”, based on stewed chicken, potatoes, soy sauce and cane sugar vinegar flavored with garlic and laurel.
  • Kinilaw is the “oldest dish of the country”, a recipe based on raw fish from the Cebu region, marinated with cane sugar vinegar, calamansi and ginger and paired with tomatoes, cucumbers, corn and shallots.
  • Kare-Kare or “Filipino’s favorite classic” which is beef cooked with peanut sauce, eggplants, long beans and pak choi.

Filipino cuisine, rather unknown in Paris, is tinted with Spanish, Asian and Anglo-Saxon influences that marked the country over the centuries.

Flavorful dishes to enjoy along with traditional Filipino drinks (calamansi juice, root beer, custom-made cocktails by the bartender and based on Filipino ingredients) or even Kapeng Barako, a coffee coming from the city of Lipa, strong and delicately anise-flavored!

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17 Rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris 11

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