Sweet Rawmance, vegan restaurant and patisserie in Montparnasse

Published by Graziella L. · Photos by Graziella L. · Updated on 28 September 2021 at 14h23 · Published on 24 September 2021 at 15h55
By the Montparnasse Tower, Sweet Rawmance welcomes you in the vegan restaurant for a healthy lunch based on vegan burgers, fruity lemonades, and delicious pastries!

The place is a genuine haven for vegans. On a lovely and sunny terrace in the Montparnasse area, Andreea and Julien have created a place serving healthy, colorful dishes based on fresh ingredients. Gluten allergic, there are also dishes fitting your diet. On the menu, vegan burgers including a cheeseburger, a cheese toast based on buckwheat bread, a more classic one, and the Portobello with mushrooms. Burger buns based on corn flour is incredibly flavorful!

Sweet RawmanceSweet RawmanceSweet RawmanceSweet Rawmance

And if you are not used to eat plant-based dishes, but wish to try a healthier diet, do not panic, the plant-based steak and the fake cheese perfectly do! The aioli and mayonnaise in burgers are vegan and incredible, and especially, homemade!

Sweet RawmanceSweet RawmanceSweet RawmanceSweet Rawmance

You can also enjoy pizzas, lasagna, vegetable tartlets, as well as bowls and colorful salads along with delicious tapenades. The daily menu costs €15 and includes a burger, a lemonade (we recommend the red berry one!) and a small cake! A very pleasing price for the quantity.

Before becoming a restaurant in 2020, Sweet Rawmance was first a vegan tearoom and a patisserie. The specialty of the cakes is they are raw, that is to say, not baked. Therefore, vitamins and nutrients are better preserved. And there is something for everyone, between cupcakes, donuts, tiramisu, or lemon cake or chocolate-banana cake.

Sweet RawmanceSweet RawmanceSweet RawmanceSweet Rawmance

With a nice detox juice, a smoothie or a fresh coconut to pair it, we are ready to go on with our day, feeling boosted again!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 24 September 2021



    83 Rue Daguerre
    75014 Paris 14

    Menu du jour: €15

    Official website

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