Things to Do in Paris When It Rains

So you’re in Paris ready to enjoy the city... and then it starts raining. Strolling through the gardens, shopping along the city’s grand avenues or wandering through beautiful neighborhoods may no longer be the best options for the day, but all hope is not lost! You need some good ideas, and you need them fast? For Paris on a rainy day, we’ve got it all here!

Paris in the has a reputation for being pretty, and even romantic, but let’s be real - you might not feel like spending the day outside trudging through puddles and getting soaked in the cold. Still, whether you’re on vacation or just taking the day in the city, don't just stay on the couch wallowing in your disappointment. There are plenty of things to in Paris when it rains, and you can turn that gloomy day into a bright one!

salon de thé George CannonGreat Tea Houses in Paris
There’s nothing better than getting together with friends for a good cup of tea (or coffee) and a delicious pastry. So we’ve put together a list of our favorite tea rooms in the capital, for you to enjoy and satisfy that sweet craving!

Bustronome, a New Experience
The Bustronome has brought a funny new concept to the capital; Cruise through the streets of Paris on a bistro-bus. The lunch and dinner menus served on the Bustronome every day have become extremely popular, so we had to go see what all the buzz was about.

Capitaine Fracasse, dîner-croisière A Dinner Cruise on the Capitaine Fracasse
If we can’t visit Paris on foot, there are always the city’s beautiful boat tours to see the sights. On the Capitaine Fracasse, you can go on a 2-hour cruise that offers both its gourmet restaurant and an incredible panoramic view of Paris’s most beautiful monuments!

Le top des Tea Times à ParisThe Full Afternoon Tea Experience in Paris
Got the gloomy weather blues? Sometimes there’s no better remedy than a good pastry. But why stop there? How about taking the afternoon to enjoy a warm cup of tea and endless pastries, pampered in the regal setting of a Parisian hotel or palace? A traditional afternoon tea is perfect activity for couples and of course friends!

Free Museums and Monuments in Paris
Feel like going to a Parisian museum without breaking the bank? If you’re looking for temporary exhibitions with free admission in the city, you’re in luck. Here at, we’ve put together a list of all of the best permanent and temporary exhibitions free of admission, making culture available to everybody!

Le Manoir de Paris, Guest star de la Comic Con’Le Manoir de Paris, a Haunted House in the Capital
Have you heard about Le Manoir de Paris? In this haunted manor, 13 of the city’s most terrifying legends come to life in a spooky and sensational experience brought to you by a team of very talented actors!

Best Exhibitions in Paris, June 2016 
Now that the sun is finally out again, we feel like stepping out and rediscovering Paris all over again. This June, we’re especially excited about exhibitions like JR at the Louvre Pyramid, Monumenta at the Grand Palais, AVENGERS STATION in Paris, the Douanier Rousseau...the list goes on!

louxor palais du cinémaThe Louxor - Palais du Cinema
The magnificent Louxor movie theater, first opened in 1921 and abandoned for many years, has now reopened to the public. We can’t get enough of the egyptian decor, the Art Deco friezes, and the delicious food served after their classic films!

Le premier cinéma en réalité virtuelle à ParisTry a Virtual Reality Movie Experience
Take the plunge into another erality with a 360° movie experience at Pickup VR Cinema! Opening in May 2016, this movie theater is the first of its kind in Paris. See documentaries, fictional and animated films that take you to new worlds!

Escape Games in Paris
Can’t get enough of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or solving mysteries of any sort? Have you dreamed of solving your own mystery in a haunted manor? Escape games let you experience these adventures for one hour with your family or friends. Use your cleverness, team spirit and your observation to help you win!

opera garnierVisit the Opera Garnier
Built in 1861 in the heart of Paris, the monumental Opera Garnier now offers tours that take us behind the scenes of this legendary establishment, through places like the auditorium, the Bassin de la Pythie, the Grand Staircase, the Grand Foyer, Avant-Foyer, and more!

Meet the Stars at the Grevin Museum 

Want to meet your favorite stars this summer? Instead of playing paparazzi or breaking the bank to attend crowded events, you can visit the Musée Grevin at Grands Boulevards. That photo op with your favorite celebs is just a few metro stops away!

Crypte archéologiqueVisit Paris’s Archeological Crypt
The “Crypte Archeologique de Paris” (Archeological Crypt) has been transformed! After forty years, relics from the capital’s long history past are like new again, with the help of Dassault Systems and 3D reconstitution technology.

AquaboulevardAquaboulevard Ready to have a blast, even if it means getting soaked? Aquaboulevard is the waterpark of all waterparks in the Paris region, and since it’s indoors, the water and the air are set to the perfect temperature all year long. No matter how restless kids are, they’ll never get bored at this park filled with wave machines, giant slides, bubble baths and waterfalls.

Visit the Grand Rex Theater and Go Behind the Scenes 
The Grand Rex Theater is one of Paris’s historic sites. It’s emblematic auditorium has welcomed major stars for exceptional concerts, shows and preview film screenings. Now you can visit not only its incredible auditorium, but also explore the other side of the big screen!


So, Paris in the rain doesn’t sound too bad, now does it?

Elodie D.
Last updated on 24 May 2016

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