Elvis: Baz Luhrmann’s biopic starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks: review and trailer

Published by Julie M., Caroline J. · Published on 22 June 2022 at 09h33
Famous movie maker Baz Luhrmann is back with a new movie. Called “Elvis”, this biopic about the King starring Austin Butler, Tom Hanks and Olivia DeJonge is expected in French theaters on June 22, 2022.

Elvis Presley fans are expected this summer in movie theaters! “Elvis”, the biopic about the King by Baz Luhrmann is expected on June 22, 2022. This musical is directed by the famous Baz Luhrmann – to whom we owe several major movie hits such as “Romeo + Juliette”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Australia”, and “The Great Gatsby”.

With “Elvis”, the Australian movie director tackles a rock’n’roll legend whose story and life are still as fascinating as 45 years ago. In “Elvis”, Baz Luhrmann covers the King’s career and music work through the light of his complex relationship with his mysterious impresario, colonel Tom Parker.

And to play Elvis Presley, the Australian movie director bet on American actor Austin Butler seen in “The Dead Don’t Die”, as well as “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”, or even the “The Shannara Chronicles” TV series.
As colonel Tom Parker, the great Tom Hanks.
Last but not least, Olivia DeJonge will be Priscilla Presley, singer Elvis Presley’s one and only spouse.


Elvis Presley’s life and musical work through the light of his complex relationship with his mysterious manager, colonel Tom Parker. The film will explore their relationship over twenty years, from the singer’s rise to his status as unparalleled artist, with all the cultural changes and the discover of the end of innocence by America in the background.



Elvis targets the King's fans and neophytes just as well as it focuses on the history of music and this Rock legend!

The story is told by his impresario, Colonel Parker as he likes to call himself the king of trick! One discovers how he discovered the young Elvis Presley and creates the legend he became, and also how he took him in a long descent into hell! From showman, he slowly turns Elvis into a freak for money.

The young Austin Butler - recently seen in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and soon in Dune 2 - certainly has a brilliant future ahead. He wonderfully plays the King and his performances are perfect, all the way to moving audience members. If you can see the movie with ATMOS sound, do not hesitate, the soundtrack was created to rock you from A to Z!

Elvis is an intense movie with quick changes of plans, a few sequences of motion design, very modern and captivating! We cannot be bored!

45 years after his death, the solo artist who sold the most albums in the world, keeps on making us dream!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 22 June 2022 to 12 July 2022

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