2022 International Agricultural Show at Paris Porte de Versailles, last days

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Published by Caroline J., Julie M., Cécile D. · Photos by Jennifer R. · Published on 3 March 2022 at 09h05
Cancelled in 2021, the International Agricultural show is back from February 26 to March 6, 2022 at the Parc des Expos de Paris Porte de Versailles. Yet, the event's organizers warn: the 2022 edition "will not be like the others" because of Covid-19. Furthermore, several measures and health recommendations will be instated. Here is the program waiting for you!

The International Agricultural Show (IAS) is back from February 26 to March 6, 2022 at Paris Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles. Cancelled last year over the pandemic, the famous show celebrating the French terroir will be on, despite the very high Covid-19 new case toll reported in the country. This is what the organizers of the event have said in a statement released this January 18th.

Careful though, this new and 58th edition of the International Agricultural Show "will not be like the others" because of Covid-19. Therefore, organizers - the Ceneca (National Center of Farming Shows and Contests), and Comexposium - specify the 2022 edition of the International Agricultural Show "will be of reunions, as well as collective responsibility, the success of the event relying on the ability to provide a moment of sharing and meeting, while complying with health measures".

Organizers then expect to do everything they can to keep each and everyone safe, as the show usually gathers an average 500,000 people at the Parc des Expos de Paris Porte de Versailles every year. Strict health measures and constraints will be instated including "compulsory vaccine pass", along with "optimized airing". "To date, the main guidelines are: facemask-wearing and vaccine pass, optimized airing of pavilions, organization of the necessary conditions for eating and drinking that comply with the current rules", they explained.

Furthermore, the organizers say a very thorough follow-up will be instated "with Covid points of contact per area of the show, and a specific health cell".

For the record, every year, the Paris International Agriculture Show is the place to be for all players of the agricultural world. Each year, at least 633,000 visitors, a thousand exhibitors and 37,950 professionals come to the show to discover and introduce to the agricultural world.

On the occasion, the agriculture show presents 4 universes: 

  • Livestock breeding sectors
  • Crop and plant sectors, Gardening and Vegetable gardens
  • Products from regions across France and its overseas territories and from the rest of the world
  • Agricultural services and professions

Salon de l'agriculture 2018Salon de l'agriculture 2018Salon de l'agriculture 2018Salon de l'agriculture 2018

The IAS is also the occasion to meet with professionals and discover their universes. And it is all the more so fascinating when breeders present their protégés. This new edition introduces you to Neige, a cow from Haute-Savoie who has been selected to be the face of the 2022 show.

This Abondance cattle belongs to the Missillier family. She produces milk used to make Reblochon. This four-year-old cow is called Neige (Snow) because "she was born on a ski slope!" her owner Philippe Missillier explains.

In addition to her look, Neige has been chosen as the spokesmodel "because they need a quiet cow, because she will be very much asked for, touched a lot (...) It will be a priceless window for the entire cheese sector, for our terroirs, for the Grand-Bornand, for Haute-Savoie. It will be a genuine mountain window! The Abondance cattle is found in over 20 departments in France! So, it makes a lot of sense for all of our products because it is found in several Protected Designation of Origin", the breeder says happy.

Agriculture Show 2022: program of entertainments

As for entertainments, the SIA provides workshopsdemonstrationscontestsconferences without forgetting tasting sessions.

Salon de l'agriculture 2018Salon de l'agriculture 2018Salon de l'agriculture 2018Salon de l'agriculture 2018

The Agriculture Show is the occasion for children and adults to see many animals. Several areas are available to all, like the milking room (Pavillion 1, espace DeLaval), the petting farm and the goat farm. Enjoy horses, donkeys, and mules in the pavillion 6. A pavillion is also devoted to cats and dogs.

And do not forget for the closure of the show, an exclusive and uncommon transhumance on the Champs-Elysées!

Une transhumance dans Paris pour le Salon de l'Agriculture 2019Une transhumance dans Paris pour le Salon de l'Agriculture 2019Une transhumance dans Paris pour le Salon de l'Agriculture 2019Une transhumance dans Paris pour le Salon de l'Agriculture 2019 Exclusive transhumance in Paris on the Champs-Elysées for the Agricultural Show 2022
To close the upcoming edition of the Agricultural Show, on Sunday March 6, 2022, a spectacular parade of animals will walk the world's most beautiful avenue in Paris! This Bearn transhumance, expected from 1 p.m. between the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées traffic circle will be impressive with 2022 sheep, 20 bovine and equin teams, as well as circus artists and dancers... So, feel like attending this never-before-seen and uncommon parade? [Read more]

Let us meet ifrom February 26 to March 6, 2022 to enjoy the Agriculture Show at Paris Parc des Expos Porte de Versailles!

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