Sensation Spa, a haven of wellness in Paris

Sensation Spa is a unique place of wellness in Paris. This uncommon spa is the promise of a beautiful discovery thanks to unique massages. Be careful though, the address is highly addictive!

Sensation Spa is the wellness spot in Paris that everyone looking for some Zen should mark in their calendar. In this spa, you’re pampered with massages and sometimes unique treatments, the whole in a setting filled with positive vibes. Set just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides, this haven of peace where you’re warmly welcomed could surprise you.

Sensation spa, un écrin de bien-être à Paris

Is it because of the muted atmosphere that makes us forget about the Parisian hustle and bustle? Of the confidential aspect of this address nestled in a quiet and hidden street in Paris? To the good mood ruling within the dream team enlivening this warm place? To the ultra-sophisticated décor inspiring to relaxation? Their happiness recipe is a bit all this, but much more!

Sensation spa, un écrin de bien-être à Paris

Here, one comes tired and leaves totally rested and even ready to move mountains. We have to say that at Sensation Spa, the choice is yours! So, we discover treatments for all needs and desires, especially if you’re keen on discovering new things. Hot stone massage? Affirmative! Hammam? Of course! Body-scrub followed by a massage? Obviously, what a question! But that’s just tiny sample of the spa’s offering!

Sensation spa, un écrin de bien-être à Paris

Here, you discover other massage methods that are not well-known and even unique in Paris. A massage in total darkness or in a jacuzzi? Yes, that’s possible. This spa even features a sauna nestled in a small Zen garden where silence the watchword. You can even enjoy an Esalem massage which is at the origin of the Californian massage we know well.

Sensation spa, un écrin de bien-être à Paris

One of the place’s signature massages is the creation massage, a technic developed by owner of the spa Frederic Bonfils. We’ve been able to test this method between one of the super masseur squad members Daisy Bouchat’s hands.

Sensation spa, un écrin de bien-être à Paris

Halfway between a Californian massage and a Swedish massage with a dash of shiatsu, it’s the perfect balance especially for sensitive bodies. Both smooth and enticing, it allows an intense and very welcomed relaxation. Calmed down by the muted light, relaxed by a comforting music, knots detangled without us noticing it thanks to Daisy’s expertise and her nimble fingers!

Sensation spa, un écrin de bien-être à Paris

But Sensation Spa is also wellness in globe-trotter version. Here, you discover what we could call the Seven Wonders of the World in version massage. We discover technics from all over the world. Some are known, such as the ayurvedic massage from India. Others are less practiced in Paris such as the Oriental massage practiced by specialized masseur Mounir, the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage or the African massage with Bamboo.

Sensation spa, un écrin de bien-être à Paris

Tested and approved, the Tibetan massage is Tenzin Ngodup’s specialty. This masseur from Tibetan background offers you to discover his surprising method that combines acupuncture and foot reflexology. For this massage, head to the room looking onto the famous exotic garden. Bathing in the sweet day light, at the sound of a playlist inspiring meditation and calm. We feel safe and for good reason. Playing on the body’s centerline, Tenzin pressures key points on our body and little by little, we feel more and more connected to our bodies. We become aware of every inch of our body and the weight we’re relieved.

The icing on the cake, athletes will be seduced by the address that features a gym as well as a team of specialized trainers for private or common sessions. Here, yoga, stretching and street gym classes as well as pole dance lessons are provided. Of course, sport massages are included!

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 18 June 2018

Practical information


8 Villa de Saxe
75007 Paris 7

Métro Sèvres-Lecourbe (ligne 6) ou Saint François-Xavier (ligne 13)

Massage création - 60min: 90 €
Massage tibétain - 90min: 145 €

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