European Heritage Days 2019: waiting time with Affluences

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 21 September 2019 at 20h22 · Updated on 6 March 2020 at 14h44
This year, for European Heritage Days 2019, teams up with Affluences digital service allowing to assess in real-time the waiting time in a place. Brace yourself: your life is about to get easier!

1st outing news media in France teams up with digital service Affluences forecasting in real time the occupancy of a place to make Parisians’, Ile-de-France inhabitants’ and tourists’ lives easier. From now on, at the bottom of each article, you’ll be able to find the occupancy or the waiting time of the place, calculated in real-time, as well as the other practical information shared on the website. This is how it looks like: se met à l'heure d'Affluences se met à l'heure d'Affluences se met à l'heure d'Affluences se met à l'heure d'Affluences

When we are looking for information about an outing in a specific area, we often want to know its opening hours and its occupancy! In order to limit our waiting time, we can now access this vital information in a few clicks only. The strength of Affluences’ digital service? Providing reliable information, calculated by their devices directly set on each site. Even more precise and concrete information as each captor allows to determine how many people are on the spot (with or without a phone) and distinguish people who are waiting and those who are already on site.

For European Heritage Days, will provide readers with the real-time occupancy in over 33 places in Ile-de-France directly on the articles! A simple and effective way to avoid long lines that are so characteristic of this one-of-a-kind event.

By pooling Affluences and perfectly compatible expertise, the aim is to provide readers with always more useful and reliable information. Created in 2014, Affluences is currently the only company able to share in real time the waiting time thanks to captors. Discover Affluences mobile app for free and without advertisement too, listing all the places equipped with the devices. With this partnership, your life is easier!

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