Coronavirus in the world: 1,132 deaths in the U.S., and 541 in Brazil in 24 hours

Published by My B., Julie M. · Published on 3 August 2020 at 17h30 · Updated on 3 August 2020 at 17h47
The whole world has been facing the unprecedented coronavirus health crisis for months. Discover updates on countries impacted by the coronavirus epidemic this Monday august 3, 2020. Over 18 million cases have been reported and over 695,000 people have died of Covid-19 worldwide according to The Coronavirus App. The new case toll has never been this high, and some countries are facing new waves as they thought their curbed the epidemic.

In the world, as of Monday August 3, 2020Covid-19 infected 18,276,809 people. So far, 695,992 people have died worldwide. We now use data from The Coronavirus App, recommended by the French Health Minister and that shares - for most countries - the official data from the different Health ministers. Excluding the USA for which we keep data as shared by the CDC. WHO alerts on the deterioration of the epidemic in the world. The new infection toll skyrockets in America. WHO urges to take control over the epidemic. Some countries are facing new and worrying waves even though they thought they curbed the epidemic..

  • In the United-States, the new case toll reaches new records with 58,947 infections reported in 24 hours. As of Monday August 3, the country reports 4,601,526 cases. According to the CDC, the country reports 1,132 deaths in 24h, taking it up to a total of 154,002 deaths. The worst-hit states are California, Texas, Florida, and the state of New York. Together they gather over 39% of cases in the US. 
  • Brazil reports an always-deteriorating toll, and an-always high new infection toll with 25,800 cases in 24 hours. It reports this Monday August 3, 541 deaths in 24 hours. The country reports 2,733,677 cases in totaland 94,104 deaths. Yet, data could be widely underestimated. Having now recovered, Brazilian president claims he might have "mold in lungs", his wife has tested positive for Covid-19.

  • Italy reports this Sunday August 2, 238 new infections have been reported in 24 hours especially in the north of the country, and 8 deaths in 24 hours (5 the day before). It now reaches 35,154 since the beginning of the epidemic. As of today, 248,070 cases have been confirmed so far. Italy reopened its borders on June 3rd and cancelled mandatory quarantine to EU foreigners, but closes its doors to people coming from 13 countries said to be "at risk".

  • In the United Kingdom the toll remains very high. As of Sunday August 2, the country reports 774 new cases in 24h with a total of 304,695 cases, and 8 deaths in 24h, leading to a total of 46,201 deaths. Great Britain signs a 60-million Covid-19 vaccine-dose supply agreement. Lockdown stopped in England is facing an increase of positive cases.

  • Spain reports as of Friday July 31, 3,092 new cases in 24 hours, that is to say 288,522 cases in total. The country reports 2 deaths this weekend, leading to a total of 28,445 deaths. Spain has been putting cities on lockdown again. France is considereing re-closing borders. Spain claims to be a "safe" country for tourists despite the resurgence of the epidemic.

  • Venezuela reports 1,632 new cases in 24 hours, leading to 20,206 cases. The country - reporting 10 deaths in 24 hours and a total death toll of 174 - orders strict quarantine all over the country.

  • In Japan as of August 3 reports 853 new cases in 24 hours. 36,789 cases have been reported in total, and 1,011 deaths (+0 in 24h). Okinawa governor Denny Tamaki said "We're seeing an explosive spread of infections. We declare s state of emergency" to August 15 to reporters, adding hospitals were overwhelmed by this explosive spread of COVID-19 cases.

  • In France, according to the latest report from the health authorities as for the COVID-19 pandemic, about 187,919 cases have been reported and 30,265 people have died. As of Friday July 31, 11 deaths in 24 hours have been reported in hospitals. The death toll in nursing homes reaches 10,515 deaths, it will be updated next Tuesday. 19,750 people have died in hospitals. 
  • Belgium reports a growing number of daily cases. As of Monday August 3, 447 new cases have been reported in 24 hours taking it up to a total of 69,849. The infection toll has been dramatically increasing over the past days. There has been 4 new death in 24 hours, taking it to a total of 9,845 deaths

  • The amount of new cases increases in China as the country reports 43 new Covid-19 infections in 24 hours. As of Monday August 3, China reports 84,428 cases and 4,634 deaths. China launches a wide testing campaign in Xinjiang. China allows Air France airline two flights to the country per week.

  • In Germany, the new case toll is increasing with 425 new infections in 24 hours. As of Monday August 3, the country reports 211,457 cases, along with 9,319 deaths (+0). This week, the country allowed  reinforced containment measures on a local basis in case clusters break out because of tourism restarting. Germany will provide free Covid-19 tests to travelers back in the country and set up testing centers within airports for people coming from areas at risk, the local health ministers decided on Friday.

  • Portugal reports a growing number of new cases. As of Monday August 3, 392 new infections have been reported, leading to a total of 51,463 cases and 1,738 deaths (+3) have been reported. As the health authorities are worried about a second wave in many countries, Portugal starts curbing the pandemic.

  • In Mexico, the epidemic keeps on spreading with 940 deaths reported in 24 hours, but it is said to be underestimated. The country currently counts over 481,362 infections (+4,816 in 24h) and 50,727 deaths in total. Mexico has exceeded Spain and France in terms of fatality. This is the third worst-hit country in terms of fatality behind Brazil and the United-States.
  • Iran reports 208 deaths in 24 hours taking it up to a total of 17,190 deaths and 309,437 cases reported (+2,685 in 24h). The resurgence of the epidemic worries Iranian authorities more and more as they warn the population against breaking social distancing rules. As long as the population does not respect guidelines and do not wear face coverings, the epidemic will continue to spread, Health vice-minister says.  

  • Russia, as of Monday August 3, reports 5,427 new cases leading to a total of 850,870 cases and 14,128 deaths (+70). Russia expects to manufacture a vaccine from September.
  • South Korea, as of Monday August 3, reports 23 new infections. 14,389 cases in total, and 301 deaths (+0 in 24h) have been reported. Clusters are still breaking out.
  • Peru is still experiencing a very worrying situation, with 14,115 new cases today. As of Monday August 3, the country reports 428,850 contamination cases, 19,614 deaths (+397). The President is not considering a new lockdow: "Quarantine taught us to be responsible. We keep social distancing, we see there is some civid consciousness, this kind of behavior will eventually prevent from considering a new lockdown".

  • In India, the death toll keeps on growing. The country reports on Monday August 3, 1,807,222 cases (+52,783 in 24 hours), and 38,176 deaths including 758 in 24 hours. This Friday, Muslims celebrated Aid and Hindus honored goddess Lakshmi amid the pandemic. As many celebrations are still to come over August, cities and States struggle to limit gatherings.
  • In Chile, the epidemic is increasing, and many new contaminations have been reported in 24 hours. The country reports 2,073 new cases in 24 hours, and reports 359,668 cases and 9,607 deaths (+75). 
  • In Egypt, the number of infections increases. The country reports 94,483 cases (+167) and 4,8655 deaths including 31 these past 24 hours. Egypt has reopened its borders on July 1, but tourism struggles to start again. More and more bookings are cancelled, and tourism professionals struggle to make ends meet. 
  • Sweden reports a growing toll of cases, including 322 new infections in 24 hours. It is one of the rare countries to have not gone into confinement but only set up guidelines. As of today, Friday July 31, 80,422 cases and 5,743 deaths (+4 in 24h) have been reported. The country reports a very high fatality rate, estimated 7.16%. The recovery rate only reaches 6.21%. 
  • Morocco started exiting confinement gradually and by zone. Health emergency is extended to August 10. This Monday August 3, the country reports 522 cases in 24 hours, a total of 25,537 cases. The country has also reported 382 deaths (+15 in 24 h). Moroccan authorities are worried, Rabat's main economic partner - the European Union - may order the closure of borders to its immigrants. 
  • Poland currently reports 46,894 (+1,206) contamination cases and 1,731 Covid-19 deaths (+15).
  • Romania is currently on alert. The country reports 53,186 cases (+1,075) and 2,413 deaths (+34) because of Covid-19.

  • Algeria faces a resurgence of new contamination cases worrying health professionals. As of Monday August 3, 31,465 cases (+515) and 1,231 deaths (+8) because of the epidemic have been reported. The decision to reopen borders is postponed to the end of the epidemic.

  • The epidemic is spreading in AfricaSouth Africa is the cradle of the pandemic on the African continent where the toll of new cases skyrockets. This Monday August 3, the country reports 511,485 cases (+8,195) and 8,366 deaths (+213). South Africa bans the sale of alcohol to curb the spread of the virus through "toots".

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