Emmanuel Macron’s address: “New and strong decisions for equal opportunity”

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 14 June 2020 at 21h18 · Updated on 15 June 2020 at 15h22
In his latest solemn address to the French people on June 14, Emmanuel Macron announced “new and strong decisions for equal opportunity”, affirming France will be “intransigent against racism, anti-Semitism, and discriminations”.

On Sunday June 14, French president Emmanuel Macron addressed to the French. Announcing the entire country – excluding Mayotte and French Guiana – will be in green area from June 15, the French President also wanted to speak about the current social climate, especially as it comes to the fights against racism.

Emmanuel Macron promised “new and strong decisions for equal opportunity”, adding France will be intransigent “against racism, anti-Semitism, and discriminations. […] Our fight must go on and grow stronger to enable to get diplomas, employments matching each and everyone’s merits and talents, and fight against the fact the name, the address, the color of skin still too often in our country reduce the chances everyone shall have” he said. For the record, between 15,000 people – according to the police – and 120,000 people – according to organizers – have gathered on June 13 at the Place de la République to support Adama Traoré’s family and condemn racism in France and police violence.

In his address, Emmanuel Macron also said: “I see us diversifying for everything”, asking the French to unite “around Republican patriotism. […] We are a nation where each and everyone, no matter the background, religion, has to find their place. Is it true everywhere and for everyone? No, our fight must go on and grow stronger”.

Emmanuel Macron also promised that “the Republic will delete no name or track of its history. It will not forget its works. It will not unbolt statues” echoing to the recent polemic of the historic names of the streets.

Last but not least, the president spoke about the situation of the police, explaining they “deserve support from the public power and gratitude from the Nation. […] Without the Republican order, there is no security or freedom” the President said.

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