Coronavirus: weddings, student parties, private celebrations banned in France

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Updated on 15 October 2020 at 15h27 · Published on 15 October 2020 at 15h01
As France is hit by a second coronavirus epidemic wave, health emergency is onw again. Among the new measures implemented is the ban of private gatherings in places receiving public in France. Weddings, family reunions, birthday parties, charity events... Here is more on the matter.

New and strong measures against coronavirus have been made! This Thursday October 15, 2020, the day after Emmanuel Marcon's address, and following the start of the health emergencyCastex's office has shared more details on the restrictions and measures implemented. Goal? Facing the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic that broke out in France.

In addition to curfew, the government expects to limit private gatherings as much as possible as they likely break out new clusters. Therefore, in France, private gatherings in buildings receiving the public are banned. "All private celebrations like weddings or student parties taking place in function rooms, community centers or any other building receiving the public are banned" Prime Minister Jean Castex said.

Weddings, birthday parties and even student parties are no longer allowed within buildings receiving the public. So far, the measure was only applied to areas on maximum alert, the rest of the country being limited to the 30-guest gauge. From now on, it applies to the whole country. The government also recommends the rule of 6 in the private sphere.

Visuel Paris nuages arc de triompheVisuel Paris nuages arc de triompheVisuel Paris nuages arc de triompheVisuel Paris nuages arc de triomphe Coronavirus: rule of 6, public or private gatherings: what is banned?
In his address on October 14, 2020, Emmanuel Macron has mentioned the "rule of 6" to apply for private gatherings in order to curb the coronavirus epidemic. what is it about exactly? [Read more]

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